Screen Protector

Hands up – who’s ever had issues installing a screen protector on their smartphone or tablet or camera or …….? Unless you’re VERY careful, it’s so easy to end up with bubbles, dust, or hairs under the protector. From Dynaflo comes Liquid Armor, a Nano coating technology that protects your screen without affecting the sensitivity… Read More

There sometimes seems to be a war or an evolutionary struggle between device screens and screen protector makers. Back in the early days of Palm PDA’s, the screens were rather soft and you used a plastic stylus to write on them. They scratched easily so most of us used and recommended screen protectors. Store bought, home-made… Read More

I don’t normally use screen protectors on my electronics.  Most screen and body protectors require liquid for a smooth application, and the application directions warn you to remove the battery and keep the device turned off for a couple of days until the liquid has all evaporated.  That’s great, but Apple iPhones and iPads don’t… Read More

Protecting your iPhone’s display from scratches is important to a lot of people. As a result, there are a wide variety of screen protector brands on the market. I’ve personally avoided applying screen protectors to my own iPhone 4s mainly because I tend to have problems lining them up perfectly. I bet a lot of… Read More

We all know that a screen protector will help keep your iPhone’s display as pristine as the day you bought it. But installing one can be a huge pain in the butt. First you have to make sure the screen is clean so you don’t install the protector over dust particles. That’s actually the easy… Read More

Do you love your iPhone’s glass screen?  Do you hate when you stick on those screen protectors that makes it feels tacky and prevents you from touching that smooth glass?  Spigen’s GLAS.t has solved that problem by providing a screen protector that’s made of glass.  The GLAS.t is 0.4mm thick and made up of chemically-treated… Read More

When SGP Case sent me the iPhone 4 Valentinus case I reviewed recently, they included a couple of extra goodies in the box.  They sent along the Steinheil Ultra Mirror Half Mirror Screen Protector for iPhone 4S/iPhone 4/CDMA iPhone 4 and the Kuel H10 Stylus Pen.  While the screen protector is obviously only for iPhones… Read More

  Last month I did a review of the Crimson Frame Case for the iPhone 4. While I thought their aluminum case was too boxy and utilitarian, I loved the iPhone 4 screen protectors that Crimson included with the case. So much so, I wanted to see if their screen protectors for the MacBook Air… Read More

Earlier this week I was reading tweets from bratty kids cursing their parents and wishing them dead because they didn’t get a car for Christmas or got the wrong color iPad 2.  Instead of cursing about the iPad 2, add an Easyscreen Screen Protector from MediaDevil.  Not only can you cover up the offending colored… Read More

Recently I bought one of Apple’s new 13″ MacBook Airs and resolved myself to use it naked (aka without any protection). Using the MBAir without a case definitely goes against my anal-retentive nature. I have used a case with every MacBook I have ever owned. These cases, while doing a great job of protecting my… Read More

Are you paranoid that your shiny new iPhone 4’s display will get a nasty scratch on it? Maybe you’ve thought about protecting it with a case, but didn’t want to deal with the bulk? Or you might have considered a screen protector but installing it seemed a little intimidating. I’m not really paranoid about scratches… Read More

If you’re looking for a way to protect your iPhone without increasing its size and weight, check out the Invisible Shield. It has been  specifically designed to protect every inch of the iPhone while maintaining the original look. The shield is a clear film that is cut to the exact dimensions of the phone. It… Read More

The Wrapsol protection system is a family of products that strive to wrap your various devices in a sheath of protecting film. They sent me a pile of systems, and I tried the Android G1, iPod Touch, and Sony PSP systems for this review. Essentially the system is the same for any supported device, but… Read More

Those of you who try their utmost to keep their electronics in nice/pristine/perfect condition should consider a LappyMat screen protector for your laptop. They are designed to protect your laptop screen from the keyboard while traveling. I grant you most laptop manufactures engineer their laptops to avoid the keyboard touching or scratching the screen, but things happen. The LappyMats are a reasonably priced accessory designed to reduce that risk.

Last weekend I went a bit out of control and purchased a 17″ Macbook Pro replacing my three year old 15″ Powerbook. The screen of my old Powerbook has been somewhat marred by the iSkin keyboard cover I have used since day one. The marks on the screen are only noticeable when the screen is off, so I decided not to use an iSkin again. Having learned my lesson, I wanted true screen protection for the incredibly vivid screen. A few months ago MacWorld mentioned Power Support as having one of the best screen protectors out there. So, the day I bought my laptop I ordered Power Support’s Crystal Film for the 17" Macbook Pro.