XtremeGuard Screen Protector review

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I am a huge advocate for using screen protection on tech-gear. I cannot remember the last time I did not use one on any of my devices, from my MacBook Air to my Suunto Elemental Terra watch.  Dorky as it sounds, when a good deal on protectors hits the Net, I buy them for friends and family who ‘need’ them on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. I know how AR that sounds, but I think of it as doing a good deed for those who do not know better :D. As the story goes, XtremeGuard was having a 1-day sale on their entire line of military grade films, so I bought a handful to pass and try out.


  • Shield-Heal Technology helps conceal and erase existing scratches on your device and can ‘heal’ itself from future abuse.
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee to set your mind at ease when looking to buy, couple that with the XtremePrices and choosing these protectors becomes a no brainer.
  • Replace your bulky expensive case for an ultra-thin, highly durable full-body wrap which will provide a more sleek ‘factory finished’ look to your device.
  • XtremeGuard’s protectors are not only virtually imperceptible, but they also create more grip so it’s easier to hold onto your device.
  • XtremeGuard’s massive product line-up can cover virtually any device. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let XtremeGuard know.

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Unlike ZAGG, Crimson, or Skinomi, XtremeGuard’s packaging was minimalistic to say the least. The iPhone screen protectors literally came in a plain white envelope with a tiny cleaning cloth, small pieces of cardboard, and instruction card on how to make the installation solution and procedure. The iPad full body protectors came rolled up in the white cardboard tube pictured.

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This business choice saves natural resources plus overall product and shipping costs, enabling XtremeGuard to price its films at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Installation Procedure:

The XtremeGuard films are very similar to many of the ZAGG screen protectors I have reviewed in the past. It is very thin, extremely clear material which uses a liquid application process, and it takes a great deal of care and skill to install properly. I still receive negative commentary on my ZAGG reviews about the difficulty and hassle involved with applying them correctly. So be aware – many find it a pain and not worth the effort.


Once installed the XtremeGuard screen protectors need approximately 24 hours to cure to the surface. During the ‘curing process’ the residue bubbles and liquid slowly disappear. The film is precision cut for the individual device and as soon as it is done curing, it’s crystal-clear. It offers solid protection from scrapes and scuffs, but definitely not drops or impacts.

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Capturing how nice a screen protector actually looks is difficult. But I try to be brutally critical of these sort of things and to be honest, the XtremeGuard looks good and fits very good. Several of the folks I purchased them for attempted to install it themselves with less than ideal results, but I have installed dozens of this type of film over the years.

Bang for the Buck:

xtremeguard comparison

To be blunt, the only reason I purchased the XtremeGuard was price. Their 1-day sale was just to good to pass up….literally pennies on the dollar compared to other more well known, nearly identical films. Having never tried these protective film, there was some risk of wasting my money on an inferior product. Fortunately, that was not the case.

Even when XtremeGuard protectors are not on sale, they are a great overall value/bang for the buck. Other than packaging and presentation, they are nearly identical to ZAGG protectors in both their positive and potentially negative (installation) aspects. I have been very pleased with the results on those XtremeGuard films I have personally installed. I know some people have issues with this type of screen protector, but for those of you who regularly use them, XtremeGuard protectors are definitely worth considering.


Product Information

  • - Perfectly fitted for the device
  • - Extremely clear
  • - Adds a bit of grip-ability to the device
  • - Solid scratch protection
  • - Inexpensive/Great bang for the buck
  • - Lifetime Warranty
  • - Difficult to apply perfectly
  • - Needs a liquid for installation
  • - Only a 60-day warranty (compared to the competitions lifetime warranties)

10 thoughts on “XtremeGuard Screen Protector review”

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  2. I bought 2 front/backs and 2 fronts for the iPhone 5 for my wife and I. I went through all 4 fronts on one iPhone. They all had issues with the cutouts around the camera and home button. the cutouts weren’t cleanly cut and were more perforated, leading to the protector lifting around those areas.

    Customer service was great though, they gave me a full refund after sending them back.

    I had their Nexus 7 screen protector before and they didn’t have any issues (no cutouts).

  3. My back protector was very, very badly cut. I had to cut out parts of the cutouts (especially around the wake/sleep button) prior to putting them on the device!

    My first front protector did not line up the camera and button well at all.. Since I failed miserably at putting it on in the end due to dust getting on the screen, it didn’t matter, but the second protector was cut out better.

    All and all, I say its hit and miss whether or not the cutout will be correct, but I do agree that its very clear and nice if you get a properly cut one. (or cut yourself)

  4. I take exception to the “Bang for the Buck” graphic showing how the reviewed product compares to 4 other similar products. I have used BSE (Best Skins Ever) on several of my phones and electronic items and have always been happy with their skins. I cannot say that about 2 of the other brands shown in the graphic. This was supposed to be a review of the XtremeGuard product, not an advertisement about how they are better than other products. Let the Gadgeteer’s readers decide that for themselves.

  5. Hi Chris,

    I nor any of the Gadgeteer Team would advertise via a review. The comparative graphic was for illustration. I do admit, my XtremeGuard review was meant to be a bit lighthearted. For me their protectors were a great deal. They were having an 80% off sale, making the iPhone full body protector about a buck and the iPad ones for under $5. I wrote something up because I thought their product was worth the money.

    As I stated in my review, several of my friends had issues/problems installing the film I gave them. But the three I have installed went on well and looked as good an any ZAGG screen protector I have installed. That was the point….if you like that kind of protector, it may be worth the chance to try XtremeGuard.


  6. Stay Away-Product Stinks-Application unbelievable for a screen protector. The $1 protectors work better and is a lot easier to install.
    Save your money!

  7. I purchased an XtremeGaurd for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 & have had a very good experience. This was my first ExtremeGaurd & probably would not have tried it had Zagg made one for my Tab. I have put on many different brand screen protectors from the cheappies (17 dozen for a dime type) to the Zagg (probably have about a dozen of those on various devices & devices of friends). It was no more complicated than the Zagg which are more complicated than the dry set cheappies. As for XtremeGaurds customer service, I found it very good, with them immediately sending out a replacement after my cat (while playing his game) ripped the protector right off the screen (he hooked his claw under it), but he never actually damaged the protector.

  8. After researching several screen protectors, I chose this one based on reviews & price. For $2 it was worth a try. Install was easy, I don’t know why so many people have trouble with it. For the first day, I wasn’t overly impressed, but after 2 days it looked great. A week later, I got a few drops of gas on it in my shop. It was apparently ruined, as the gas softened it. Trying to clean it made it worse, so i gave up & decided to remove it later. A few hours later, I decided to try again, I wiped the smudge off with my finger, and the protector was not damaged in the least! I now highly recommend it. It is nearly invisible, and very durable. Just be patient and follow the instructions implicitly.

  9. Be very carefull when placing an order on http://www.xtremeguard.com, as I had bad expirience recently.
    My credit card was charged twice with the order amount.
    When I reported the issue to xtremeguard, customer service agent
    Markasa rudely denied of any duplicate charge at their entry and tried to close the matter.

  10. I just purchased the XtremeGuard full body Screen Protector for Motorola Droid Razr HD and I must say the application is nothing to rush thru or you will have problem applying it correctly. But anyone with a little bit of patience is capable of succeeding in applying the protector with 100% great results. My biggest tip is to watch someone on YouTube apply it and follow their advice and/or directions.(there are tons of videos on “how to apply”) I would tell anyone to buy this product with no reservations! It is one of the best on the market but the price is what makes this screen protector rise to the #1 spot out of all the others.
    PS- it’s hard to give a objective review to the least expensive & best protector available, without sounding like your advising one to buy it.

  11. I recently ordered a screen protector from xtremeguard.com and they charged my card a week ago but never shipped it out. Everyone says they shipped it out quickly but the ups tracking number I got says ups was just notified and not given the product to deliver. And customer service is horrible. I sent multiple emails over the past week and no response. I finally had to file a complaint with the BBB and have to wait for a reply that way.

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