Crimson Anti-Glare Screen Protector for MacBook Air Review

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crimsonLast month I did a review of the Crimson Frame Case for the iPhone 4. While I thought their aluminum case was too boxy and utilitarian, I loved the iPhone 4 screen protectors that Crimson included with the case. So much so, I wanted to see if their screen protectors for the MacBook Air series were just as nice.  So, I made the request and Crimson sent me the Anti-Glare surface protector for 11″ MacBook Air to try on my new laptop.

crimson screenprotector contents


  • One (1) piece of Anti-glare screen protector
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth

Crimson does an intense job of packaging the screen protector. The plastic sleeve and instructions sheet that the screen protector comes in is MANY times thicker than the product itself. Of course this thick, rigid protection is necessary since the screen protector obviously can not be bent or folded.


  • Made from the highest quality, multi-layered, Japanese-manufactured film
  • The ultimate protection against dust, scratches, oil, and dirt for your MacBook Air screen
  • Advanced silicone adhesive minimizes bubbles during application and allows for easy removal – without residue
  • Surface Protectors can be cleaned with water and reapplied
  • No “rainbow” effect
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth included

crimson screenprotector applying

The screen protector is ready to apply onto the Air’s screen once the simple backing is removed. Applying the plastic film is a relatively easy process. Not nearly as ‘dicey’ as the wet process that a ZAGG invisibleSHIELD requires. The application process is very similar to the Power Support laptop screen protector I reviewed years ago.

crimson screenprotector applying2

Like many smartphone and tablet screen protectors I have installed over the years, the first step is to completely clean the screen itself….making sure all dust, fingerprints, and perhaps even a bit of snot is removed. If you are as AR as I am, it totally irritates/bothers me when gunk is caught between the screen and protector, forever trapping it there :-I. Once the screen is cleaned to your satisfaction, you align the plastic before beginning and then squeegee the piece of plastic as you go, minimizing the number of residual air bubbles needing to be dealt with later.

crimson screenprotector applying3

Once applied, the next step is to carefully force the remaining air bubbles out from between the MBAir screen and the protector. This part of the process was surprisingly easy; much more so than a majority of other plastic films I have installed in the past.

If for whatever reason you need to remove it, the silicone layer that enables the protector to adhere to the screen, also allows for (relatively) easy removal. The screen protector can be washed/cleaned with water and then reapplied as desired. I have not attempted this, but according to Crimson it is an option.

crimson screenprotector applied

Bottom line: the anti-glare film looks great. It uses a special matte finish that effectively reduces glare for easier/better viewing. You can hardly tell it is there. Along with the anti-glare viewing experience, the protection it provides against materials marring the screen is stellar. I find the $30 cost of the Crimson Anti-Glare Screen Protector a reasonable price to pay for the added protection it provides. Considering its relatively simply/easy installation, I would recommend it to anyone who asks….


Product Information

Manufacturer:Crimson Design Co., Ltd.
  • - Apple MacBook Air
  • - Perfectly fitted for the 11" MacBook Air screen
  • - Great protection from scratching your laptop screen
  • - Well engineered, high-tech film
  • - Relatively easy application process
  • - None

4 thoughts on “Crimson Anti-Glare Screen Protector for MacBook Air Review”

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  2. I am definitely going to get this for my MBA. And hopefully I clean the screen enough without leaving that one speck of dust that will drive me crazy…lol

  3. @Dave – How did they package the shipping? Was it sandwiched between hard cardboard? I’m asking cause my post office likes to fold things to squeeze in the mailbox.

  4. Hi Jackie,

    It comes sandwiched between very thick, rigid pieces of plastic…impressively so. Your postal person would really have to not like you to fold the packaging it comes in. Crimson definitely does its best to get their screen protectors to you in ideal condition.


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