Power Support Crystal Film for the 17″ Macbook Pro

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Last weekend I went a bit out of control and purchased a 17″ Macbook Pro replacing my three year old 15″ Powerbook. The screen of my old Powerbook has been somewhat marred by the iSkin keyboard cover I have used since day one. The marks on the screen are only noticeable when the screen is off, so I decided not to use an iSkin again. Having learned my lesson, I wanted true screen protection for the incredibly vivid screen. A few months ago MacWorld mentioned Power Support as having one of the best screen protectors out there. So, the day I bought my laptop I ordered Power Support’s Crystal Film for the 17" Macbook Pro.

The Crystal Film is presented nicely in very well made packaging.

The Crystal Film has a simple backing that once removed is ready to apply onto the Macbook Pro. The Film itself is quite thick for a screen protector and very well made.

The Crystal Film is perfectly fitted for the screen. Power Support makes screen protectors in both Antiglare and Crystal for the 12" & 14" iBooks, 12", 15", & 17" Powerbook G4’s, 13" Macbook, and 15" & 17" Macbook Pros. According to their website, they are developing screen protectors for the iMacs.

Being such a large piece of plastic, I did get quite a few bubbles during my first attempt at applying the Film.

My second attempt faired much better. I had only a few bubbles that took about 15 minutes to work them out. There are 4 small bubbles that you can not see when the screen is on, that I haven’t worked out yet.

I’m very pleased how the screen looks with the Crystal Film screen protector on. You can’t even tell its there. I debated prior to buying it on whether I was being too AR. In retrospect, I’m glad I spent the $40 to protect my $3,000 laptop…..


Product Information

Manufacturer:Power Support USA
Retailer:Power Support USA
  • Perfectly fitted for the 17" Macbook Pro
  • Great protection from scratching your laptop screen
  • Quality materials and well packaged
  • Expensive
  • Bubbles

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5 thoughts on “Power Support Crystal Film for the 17″ Macbook Pro”

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  2. Do you think that should you spill a dangerous liquid (such as coffee or tea) on the screen, the protector’s thickness is such that it will prevent the liquid from going inside the screen and damaging it?

  3. Hi,

    I’v been a reader for many many years!

    But that screen protection film is probably the useless thing I’ve ever seen!

    I abolutly don’t see any positive side of this film. “Any film”

    I make your screen prone to glare. Almost impossible to get rid of any bubbles, and it won’t protect from any spills cuz the liquid will enter from the bottom of the screen.

    For handheld device I see an advantage but for a laptops…. not really.

    By the way InvisibleShield are unbeatable

  4. trophyofgrace;20390 wrote:

    Do you think that should you spill a dangerous liquid (such as coffee or tea) on the screen, the protector’s thickness is such that it will prevent the liquid from going inside the screen and damaging it?

    I haven’t got one but if it is like the stick-on screen protector on my palm T|X the liquid will still run into the gap around the edge of the screen where it will do damage.


  5. I like these microfibre clothes from RadTech which are supposed to protect from keyboard marks.


    I am using one now with a macbook and have no keyboard marks. But the macbook has good clearance anyway. The only downside is you have to put it somewhere when you open the machine. I keep the machine in an STM sleeve so I already have that to deal with so another thing doesn’t matter. Of course you can use them to clean your screen as well 🙂


    PS: I just got my macbook back from a repair where the guy commented on the problem of getting all the crumbs out from inside it! So I think I will try one of the white on black iSkin’s which look cool — at least when I am eating. 🙂

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