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invisibleIf you’re looking for a way to protect your iPhone without increasing its size and weight, check out the Invisible Shield. It has been  specifically designed to protect every inch of the iPhone while maintaining the original look. The shield is a clear film that is cut to the exact dimensions of the phone. It is made of a very tough and durable material called polyurethane. The material was originally used by the military to protect helicopter blades. With the Invisible Shield being both clear and tough as nails it turns out to be the perfect iPhone cover. is a leading online dealer of the Invisible Shield. In addition to the iPhone, they offer skins for over 1,500 electronic devices including cell phones, lap tops, gaming systems, iPods, and even watches. Gadgeteer readers can use the coupon code gadget20 to receive a 20% discount on all products purchased on the InvisibleSkinz site. The code is good for 2yrs!

8 thoughts on “Protect your gadgets with Invisible SHIELD – Special Gadgeteer Discount”

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  2. As I said in my MusicSkins review, I usually choose Invisible Shield products for my gadgets. They also have a new application method using a sponge as opposed to the spray bottle that I like quite a lot. If you have tried in the past and just didn’t feel comfortable with the process, try again now and see how you like it.

  3. I have used Invisible Shield on three of my Samsung touch-screen- phones. Protection-wise, it’s excellent. However, there is a small, but noticable degradation to the “touchability” of the phone once you put it on.

  4. That being said, I do, and will continue to use the product. The clarity is virtually perfect, and I absolutely hate scratches on my screen. The small trade-off of degraged touch sense has been worth it for any of the phones I have owned thus far.

  5. Is it easy to apply? Cause I always have problems with stick-on protections. Always can never get it straight and those air bubbles are annoying.

  6. Your milage may vary but I wouldn’t order another shield – fiddly to apply and difficult to make it look good. Even if you do get it on “good” the screen protector is tacky making dragging things around the screen, scrolling and navigating a lot more difficult. My shield was backed by a life time guarantee but Zagg did not honor it.

  7. I put the Invisible Shield full-body protectors on the iPod Touches my family owns. I didn’t like holding the “naked” Touch; it was so tiny and so slippery I felt like I was always about to drop it. With the Shield on, the Touch is much easier to hold. The Shield has a little “grab” to it, so it doesn’t feel like it’s about to slip out of my grip.

    I haven’t noticed any loss of response with the touch screen. It’s still so sensitive that it’s almost like I just wave my finger above the Touch and it responds.

    Just wish I got them before my daughter got those scratches on the back of her Touch.

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