BoxWave ClearTouch Crystal for the HTC Apache / PPC-6700

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One of the first things I did after getting the

HTC Apache / Sprint PPC-6700
was to start looking for accessories, but it
has not been easy. As has been the case every time a new device has come to
market, there was a bit of a time lag between acquiring the device and acquiring
the accessories I needed. Luckily, getting a quality screen protector was never
a problem as BoxWave was one of the first
companies to realize that they had one that would already work beautifully.

I have favorably reviewed their line of
ClearTouch Crystal
protectors in the past, and once again I feel that they
deserve a mention for 

owners that may not have heard of them, or may not have considered
their products.

You’ll notice that the shiny spot on the packaging is almost obscuring the
fact that this protector will also fit a Mini 02 / XDA.

boxwave cleartouch crystal ppc6700 1

Included in the package is one 99% clear, dust resistant, washable and
reusable screen protector, a lint free screen cleaning cloth and a squeegee to
help install the protector without incurring any air bubbles.

Installation is accomplished by first wiping the entire surface of the PDA’s
screen with the cloth and then peeling off the larger tab on the protector, the
one that is labeled "Remove this plastic backing in advance".

boxwave cleartouch crystal ppc6700 2

Pulling the smaller tab, labeled "remove me", peels back the clear plastic
sheet which covers the side of the protector with the mild silicone based
adhesive. This is the side which goes against the PDA’s screen.

I like to start a the top of the PDA. After peeling the protective cover back
about one third of the way down, I line the exposed protector’s adhesive edge to
the top of the screen. Once everything is straight, I’ll use the squeegee to
smooth the protector as it is applied. As I squeegee down the screen, the clear
cover is rolled from the underside of the protector. The entire process only
takes a couple seconds to do, it actually took me much longer to write about it
than it would to perform!

Once the protector is in place, it is as if there were no protector; the
screen is very similar to its naked state – almost the same feel and virtually
the same original clarity.

boxwave cleartouch crystal ppc6700 3

BoxWave ClearTouch Crystal Screen Protectors are extremely durable and long
lasting. Depending on how heavy handed one is with their stylus, the first
protector that is applied will likely last for the entire life of the PDA.

It would be a mistake to own a PPC-6700 and not put a screen protector on it.
Not only does the protector keep scratches and nicks from appearing on the
screen, it also keeps facial moisture off the screen. In fact, this is where the
reusable blue cloth comes in very handy. If you haven’t bought a
protector for your PPC-6700 yet, then I strongly urge you to give the BoxWave
ClearTouch Crystal a try.


Product Information

  • HTC Apache / PPC 6700
  • Mini 02 / XDA
  • Extremely clear screen protection
  • Long lasting
  • Removable, cleanable, reusable
  • Inexpensive screen insurance
  • None

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