Easyscreen Adds a Pop of Color to iPad 2 Screen Protection

Earlier this week I was reading tweets from bratty kids cursing their parents and wishing them dead because they didn’t get a car for Christmas or got the wrong color iPad 2.  Instead of cursing about the iPad 2, add an Easyscreen Screen Protector from MediaDevil.  Not only can you cover up the offending colored bezel with a color more to your liking, you’ll add a 3-layer anti-glare protective layer that prevents scratches and fingerprints.  Adhesive is only used under the colored border, so there will be no air bubbles on the screen.  With ten colors (white, black, silver, red, blue, pink, green, orange, yellow, and purple) to select from, even the most demanding customer should find what they like.  They are £16.97 (about $26) from MediaDevil, or $16.97 at Amazon.com (just do a search on MediaDevil Easyscreen iPad 2).

2 thoughts on “Easyscreen Adds a Pop of Color to iPad 2 Screen Protection”

  1. How can I purchase a MediaDevil Easyscreen screen protector I’ve bee trying for weeks. I’m at a stand still could you please tell me how. Are they still in business, are they in the US. I’ve tried everything please could you help me Thank You.


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