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X-mini WE and ME Thumbsize Speakers review


Love music but just wish your phone’s speakers were a bit louder?  On the go and hate carrying around one of those brick sized portable speakers?  X-mini has the perfect solution for you!  The X-mini WE and ME speakers are a whole lot of loud in a tiny package.

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Calibre ULTRA’GO nano Power Station back up battery review


Carrying a cell phone is the norm these days. As cell phones continue to get bigger and faster, it’s hard to keep them running for a full day if you’re a heavy user. Many users solve this by carrying a portable battery to charge their phones. There are plenty of portable battery solutions out there, but Calibre makes the normally boring battery pack look gorgeous with their ULTRA’GO nano Power Station.

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Scratch Wireless review


A cell phone is the one tech item that almost everyone has.  It’s the most useful daily tech item that everyone uses, but it’s also one of the most expensive items to own.  A decent voice+data service will cost over $1,000 every year per person.  There are cheaper cellular services out there that can get you down to $35/month, but how about a service that’s absolutely FREE?  What’s the catch?  I’ll tell you about a new service provider called Scratch Wireless. Read More →

Kitsound Hive Wireless Speaker review


Portable music has been a hit, especially  since Sony first developed their Walkman players and then Apple introduced their iPods.  But usually these portable players require wired headphones for you to enjoy your music, or you had to plug them in to huge speakers to fill the room with music.  Kitsound‘s Hive Wireless Speaker solves the problem by providing the best sounding wireless speakers in a portable size.

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OLight M10 Maverick LED flashlight review

We love flashlights here at The-Gadgeteer. They are valuable tools to have around for emergencies or work usages.  Most flashlights these days are LED based because of the advantages of energy efficiency and high lumens output. I’m here to test OLight’s M10 Maverick LED Flashlight that was provided by

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Daily use apps – Jackie Cheng


I use these 4 apps daily on both my iPad Mini and HTC One Android phone.  These apps have been extremely useful for my personal and business usage.  I’m sure some of you have heard of or are using these apps:  Evernote, Dropbox, LogMeIn, and Crestron.
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Draco One Aluminum HTC One Bumper review


I recently converted from an iPhone 4S to the HTC One, and with any new phone comes the joy of looking for a new case.  Julie offered the Draco One Aluminum Bumper by Draco Design to review so I asked to give it a try.
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Everyday Carry Bags – Jackie Cheng


My EDC is actually pretty light compared to a few years back when I carried extra things like a laptop and loads of paperwork.  I have 3 businesses in 3 different locations so it wasn’t ideal to always have to carry so many things around, even though the car would be the one carrying it.  So a few years back, I decided to have my businesses go paperless, and that changed everything!  Now I just use my iPad mini with LTE to VPN into the corporate servers to access everything, including security systems, audio/visual, security cameras, and all the files that I need. Read More →

ZenWheels Micro Car review


Remote control cars are always fun, but the downside of the classic remote control cars is that they are fairly large and require an even larger area to play on.  Then someone invented those micro RC cars that are pocket-friendly, but those RC cars only go one speed, which is super fast and right off the table-top.  ZenWheels solved the super-fast speed problem and also gave us some extra features in their version of the micro cars. Read More →

A-solar Xtorm Portable Power Bank 7300 review


Most of us carry around a bunch of tech devices throughout the day, and pretty much all of them require batteries. And we all know that batteries usually don’t last all day long, especially those in power-hungry cell phones.  That’s where A-solar’s Xtorm Portable Power Bank 7300 comes in.  Can it keep us powered all day long?  You’ll find out soon!
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The Kube2 review


MP3 players are a dime a dozen these days.  MP3 playing functionality is practically built into every electronic device that we have – cell phones, handheld gaming systems, car stereo, computers, etc.  But sometimes you just want a simple and small MP3 player, and that’s where The Kube2 by Ollo Technologies comes in.

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IPEVO Telescoping Stylus review


I’m a heavy iPad user and always carry it around with me during meetings for when I need to pull up a document to show the employees.  Most of the time I just prop up the iPad and point to a chart.  The problem with that is that it leaves a whole bunch of ugly fingerprints, plus it doesn’t look as professional when using the finger to point at something.  Ipevo’s Telescoping Stylus sounded like a great idea for me to use. Read More →

Just Mobile AluBase Macbook stand review

Many computer users these days have switched from using desktops to laptops.  Laptops are smaller, portable and provide the same functionality as desktops, but the problem with most laptops is that they have a smaller than desirable screen size.  I personally use both a 11″ MacBook Air and a 15″ Retina MacBook Pro.  But both those laptops are connected to a larger 24″ LCD display while the laptop remains closed and laying flat on my desk taking up space.  That’s where Just Mobile’s AluBase comes in.  The AluBase is a vertical stand for the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

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iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer

Have too much stuff laying around on your desk?  Want a  small desk organizer that’s stylish and functional?  The iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer from Cyanics is the solution for all your desk organizational needs.  The iStick comes with a 3-port USB hub, card reader, memo pad box, mobile phone stand, name card box, cup holder, copy holder, multi storage box, pen holder and photo set.  iStick is made of ABS plastic and metal and comes in black or white.  It’s available Cyanics for $39.99.

Zagg invisibleSHIELD for MacBook Pro with Retina display review

Recently I purchased a fully-loaded Apple Macbook Pro with Retina display.  And since it costs $3,749, I decided it was best to get some form of case to protect my new laptop.  I was deciding between a plastic hard case, sleeve or some form of stick on protector.  I’ve seen those Zagg booths at the malls that are right outside the Apple stores.  So I decided to give Zagg a try with their invisibleSHIELD for the Retina Macbook Pro. Read More →

Modbook Pro Is The Tablet Apple Never Made

Everyone loves Apple’s Macbook Pro.  It’s an awesome computer for artists and musicians to expand their creativity.  But haven’t we always wished that Apple made a real OS X tablet?  Modbook Inc. (formally Axiotron) did just that with their new line of 2012 Modbook Pro tablets.  What Modbook Inc. does is take an actual 13.3″ Macbook Pro and modify it by removing the keyboard, giving it a new custom tablet case, adding a Wacom digitizer screen, and adding in a solid state hard drive.  I think this new Modbook Pro will be a killer in the creative design community.  Pricing isn’t announce yet, but I definitely will put in a pre-order when it comes out on October 3rd.

Loop Attachment’s The Mummy iPhone 4/4S Case

Want to wrap your iPhone like a mummy?  Loop Attachment’s The Mummy does just that but with silicone bandage straps.  It comes in a wide selection of colors: Neon green, red, graphite, magenta, powder blue, neon blue, orange, purple, black and white.  The back of The Mummy can also be used as a credit card or ID holder.  It’s priced at $25 direct from Loop Attachment.

Hong Kong Trip Report

Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit.  It has yummy foods, interesting people, and some unique technologies that are different from the USA.  I was there for the past 3 weeks.  I was born there, and this trip was for both business and visiting relatives.  I thought I’d write up some of the highlights of my trip and some interesting technology I experienced there.  The photo above was taken at my apartment, Dynasty Court on Mid-Levels. Read More →

Adonit’s Jot Touch Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad

There are hundreds of different type of styluses out there.  All of them seem to have a similar design where there’s a simple capacitive tip on the end of a plastic or aluminum barrel.  Adonit just announced their new stylus called Jot Touch.  The Jot Touch is a pressure sensitive stylus for your iPad.  It connects via Bluetooth and has 2 shortcut buttons.  The Jot Touch has an internal rechargeable battery that charges with the included USB “dock”.  The Jot Touch will work with any app, but if you want to take advantage of the pressure sensitive functionality, then those apps will have to support the Jot Ready SDK.  Pricing and release date are unknown, but I hope they will release this soon!

The World’s Smallest and Most Portable iPhone Charger

There are two types of iPhone users: The ones that have multiple iPhone charging cords laying around everywhere and the ones that can never find their iPhone charging cord.  As for me, I have a charging cord in almost every room in the house.  But I do wish there was a simpler way of charging the iPhone without all the cords.  Pacific Productions had a great idea for an iPhone charger that’s not only small but also extremely portable.  Their JuiceBuddy is made of polycarbonate, but they also sell an aluminum version.  The JuiceBuddy has foldaway prongs to plug in the wall outlet, and the iPhone connector is under a protective cap.  Another feature of the JuiceBuddy is the regular USB charging port on the other side which doubles as a keychain holder.  The $24.95 polycarbonate version comes in black, red or white.  The aluminum version comes in silver only and costs $34.95.

Incipio’s iPad Flagship Folio Brushed Aluminum Hard Shell Case

Incipio just released a new case for the iPad. The Flagship Folio Brushed Aluminum Hard Shell Case has a polycarbonate frame with simulated carbon fiber exterior and brushed aluminum accents. There’s a polycarbonate clip that keeps the case completely closed and also acts as a hinge for when you want to prop up the iPad at an angle. It’s priced at $69.99 direct from Incipio.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries Review

As a gadget lover, we all know that most of our gadgets require batteries.  The problem is that most of the batteries out there doesn’t last as long as you wanted.  That’s why Energizer has created the Ultimate Lithium Batteries in AA & AAA.  Do they last longer than other batteries? Read More →

iCache’s Geode Wallet for iPhone 4/4S

Open your wallet and what do you see?  Stacks of cards right?  Ever wished you can trim all those cards down without cancelling any of them?  iCache’s Geode Wallet is the one “card” that will rule them all.  The Geode Wallet is actually an iPhone 4/4S case with a eink display on the back and a slide-out Geode card.  It also comes with a detachable card reader.  First you install the Geode app, put on the case and attach the card reader.  You can then add all your existing credit cards into the app using the card reader.  Also you can use the iPhone’s camera to detect those membership cards with barcodes on them.  Detach the card reader and you’re all set!  Next time you need to use a credit card, just select it and the app will program the Geode card with that card’s information.  And if you need a member barcode then just select it and it will display on the eink screen which can be read by all barcode scanners.  The Geode Wallet is priced at $199 direct.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Macs

Logitech has just launched the Wireless Solar Keyboard K760.  The K760 is designed for the Mac and follows the K750, which was designed for the PC.  This Bluetooth keyboard will work with all your iDevices that support the Bluetooth keyboard functionality.  The K760 has Mac-friendly function keys and runs totally on solar power.  It’s priced at $79.99 and available for preorders.

Booq Viper Hardcase for Macbook Air 11″ Review

I’ve been searching for a perfect case ever since I got a new Macbook Air 11″.  I came across the Booq website and they had a hardcase that looked perfect for my shiny new Macbook Air.  So I asked Julie if I could review their Booq Viper Hardcase for Macbook Air 11″.  Let’s see how it works.

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