The World’s Smallest and Most Portable iPhone Charger

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There are two types of iPhone users: The ones that have multiple iPhone charging cords laying around everywhere and the ones that can never find their iPhone charging cord.  As for me, I have a charging cord in almost every room in the house.  But I do wish there was a simpler way of charging the iPhone without all the cords.  Pacific Productions had a great idea for an iPhone charger that’s not only small but also extremely portable.  Their JuiceBuddy is made of polycarbonate, but they also sell an aluminum version.  The JuiceBuddy has foldaway prongs to plug in the wall outlet, and the iPhone connector is under a protective cap.  Another feature of the JuiceBuddy is the regular USB charging port on the other side which doubles as a keychain holder.  The $24.95 polycarbonate version comes in black, red or white.  The aluminum version comes in silver only and costs $34.95.

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