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My EDC is actually pretty light compared to a few years back when I carried extra things like a laptop and loads of paperwork.  I have 3 businesses in 3 different locations so it wasn’t ideal to always have to carry so many things around, even though the car would be the one carrying it.  So a few years back, I decided to have my businesses go paperless, and that changed everything!  Now I just use my iPad mini with LTE to VPN into the corporate servers to access everything, including security systems, audio/visual, security cameras, and all the files that I need.

  • Apple iPad mini 64GB with LTE – Does everything that I would ever need on the road.  Complete access to the corporate servers with full control of the smart office.  We even have a custom corporate app that we designed to streamline everything.
  • Sony NEX 6 with 18-200mm telephoto lens – I recently sold my NEX 5 and upgraded to the NEX 6 because of the added features of a standard hot shoe and electronic viewfinder.  Also, the new 18-200mm telephoto lens takes amazing photos!
  • Bandit wallet – I’ve used this many years, but they have discontinued making it.  Simple and works great!
  • NFC key fob – Used to access doors and login to systems in the office.
  • Gerber keychain multi-tool – I picked this because of the small size, and it has been useful in many occasions.
  • Keyport – Holds 6 keys in a sturdy and light slider case.  I also backed their version 2 design on Kickstarter.  Can’t wait to get the new one!
  • Aston Martin Vantage 2013 crystal key – vrrrmmmm vrrrrmmm
  • Bulova Mechanical Watch – Self winding so no batteries are needed…ever!
  • HTC One Developer Edition – My first real Android phone.  Works amazingly well so far and definitely an upgrade from my iPhone 4S.  Got the developer edition because I didn’t want the AT&T branding and bloatware, plus it came with both factory SIM and bootloader unlocked!
  • PNY 128GB USB Flash Drive – I put 3 partitions in this USB drive: 1) Ubuntu for quick bootup to access internet and mail; 2) Mini Windows XP for Windows proprietary applications; and 3) data drive for all other things.
  • TYLT PowerPlant – Comes with 5,200 mAH to keep my electronics all charged throughout the day.
  • Kindle PaperWhite 3G – I enjoy reading when I relax, and this Kindle is the best one for it so far.

14 thoughts on “Everyday Carry Bags – Jackie Cheng”

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  2. There is no _bag_ in the article. And with this series, T-G is turning into the already established EDC forum and becoming redundant. Can we switch back to gadgets now?

    1. @andix I didn’t realize that we switched away from gadgets… I happen to really like EDC posts, so that’s why we’re doing them. If they don’t interest you, skip them and read the other posts. 🙂 Problem solved… 🙂

  3. Just as a side note to what Julie said, A lot of the items we carry in our EDCs are actually gadgets that we use so the series does meet the “gadget” criteria…

    Just my 2 cents…

  4. well then the title is bit misleading and so was my comment 😛

    I enjoy the posts, don’t get me wrong, but the series probably was better reading ‘what TG editors EDcarry’ or something like that.

    because in all honesty I was expecting what the first five or so posts had – bags and how the contents fit therein. 🙂

  5. @andix – I actually don’t carry a bag ever since I stop taking my laptop with me. Most of the things are just in my pockets or jacket. The camera usually just stay in the car.

  6. I agree with Julie… most of my/our #EDC items are gadgets/various geek-items. I love to see what others’ carry to help them streamline and optimize their day 😉

    I agree with @andix that I too expected to read about a gadget “bag” in this article :p

  7. @Julie: I’ve been here since you started the gadgeteer. Do you think I take offence for this? 🙂 **slaps Julie with a large trout** I’ve trained on IRC, baby! I’m tougher than nails. 😀

  8. Sorry, for a “digital” person, I don’t see why you’d have to carry wads of cash around. To show it in the picture is crass at best. Sometimes we don’t need to see EVERYTHING in your pockets…

    I am, however a fan of these posts. I follow http://everyday-carry.com/ regularly.

  9. @David – The cash is to show the Bandit Wallet which I love and use daily. Plus cash is still used in purchasing small items or some stores just take cash only. Plus cash is king when there’s a blackout in your area.

  10. @Jackie. Love the EDC, paperless is great. I wish I could go that way! The best bit of the EDC is the Aston Key. I am very envious of that! The V12 must make it move. 😀

  11. @Jake – The V12 moves as fast as the cops let it to move…lol. Paperless is awesome. Save trees and no more paper-cuts! Plus everything is searchable in Evernote!

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