Laptop table/stand

Having your monitor at the right height prevents neck strain and poor posture, and the F1 Smart Monitor Stand from Satechi has two pre-set height positions to help you find the best height for your monitor.  The empty space under the stand becomes a place to store your keyboard and mouse when they aren’t in… Read More

Many computer users these days have switched from using desktops to laptops.  Laptops are smaller, portable and provide the same functionality as desktops, but the problem with most laptops is that they have a smaller than desirable screen size.  I personally use both a 11″ MacBook Air and a 15″ Retina MacBook Pro.  But both… Read More

The Jas Pro stand from Cooler Master is designed to complement your MacBook Pro of Air, but will work with any laptop or tablet, in almost any setting. It can hold the device open or closed, and has cushioning to protect all surfaces, as well as cable ports.

Would you like a work table for your laptop, but you don’t have room for a desk?  Or you’d like to use it while sitting on your sofa, without burning your legs?  The Room-for-My-Sidekick Table from Levenger will let you add a work table to any room.  It’s big enough to use with a laptop… Read More

The beauty of laptop computers is their portability.  You can use your laptop where ever you are – in front of the TV, sitting in an airport, lying on your bed, even outdoors.  But the problem with this portability is finding a place to set your computer.  If you put it on your lap, the… Read More