I really like the look of the new Desk Shelf System from Grovemade who is known for their accessories made of wood. This new shelf elevates up to two monitors and accessories above the main work surface of your desk to add extra space above and below. The Desk Shelf System is available in walnut… Read More

I love the products that Saddleback Leather Company makes. Let me back up a sec… I love the way Saddleback Leather Company products look. The way they feel and the way they are constructed. I just don’t like using them because they are too heavy and bulky for my own personal preference. But their new… Read More

It’s that time of year when decluttering and spring cleaning is at the forefront of everyone’s minds and procrastination with a side of stagnancy has been removed from the menu.  I feel the pressure and I don’t like it. How about this? In lieu of all that organizing and cleaning that I so dread, I’ll… Read More

I’ve been procrastinating writing my review of the MIUCOLOR Trunk Organizer, waiting for a “really big” shopping trip to load it up and get a picture. I thought a “really big” trip would be the true test of the trunk organizer. However, this summer has been so busy I haven’t had any really big trips… Read More

If you take more than one pill per day, whether they are vitamins or drugs for a medical condition, organizing them so you won’t miss a daily dose can be a chore. We’ve all seen the cheap rectangular pill boxes that are separated into seven sections, one for each day of the week and have… Read More

The Switchboard coat rack has a genius design. It’s a 30 inch long wall mounted rack made of Beech wood that features 25 individual hooks. Yes, 25! When the hooks aren’t being used, the rack looks more like a piece of wall art than a holder for jackets, scarfs, bags and hats. But when you… Read More

Being part of the Gadgeteer team has been absolutely awesome. Having the opportunity to test cool, new gadgets has been the experience of a lifetime. However, as great as it is being part of the team, it does come with one big problem….clutter. I was never a terribly organized person before, but now it looks… Read More

With The Anchor Under-Desk Headphone Mount, your headphones have a safe play to hang without adding another piece of equipment to your desk top.  The Anchor is mounted on the underside of the desk using “the same 3M adhesive GoPro trusts to mount their cameras to surfboards and helmets”, so you know it will hold.  The Anchor… Read More

These Ready 2Go organizer bags from Neatnix will keep your cables, chargers, flash drives, and other small gadgets organized and easy to find in your bigger gear bag.  Both bags are made of black nylon fabric and both have removable boards inside with organizer straps and more organizer pockets in the bottom of the bag… Read More

I’ve shown you pictures of my desk that I custom designed from Elfa components at the Container Store.  I designed a perfect desk for myself, and then I was able to easily turn that one person desk into a two-person desk when my husband wished he had a new desk, too.  That desk was built… Read More

Hang The Butler on the wall in your foyer or mudroom, and he’ll be at the ready to hold your gear when you get home.  The top is made to hold you wallet and keys.  Slide the walnut strip to the side, and a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone (up to 5.5″ tall x 2.9″ wide x… Read More

Bungee cables, I love them and I hate them. I remember using them all the time when I had a small pickup truck. I would use them to secure boxes in the back on trash day. Numerous times I was snapped by one of the cords when it slipped out of the hook while trying… Read More

Okay, the Etsy shop lists this as a makeup and beauty product organizer, but you could also use it as a desk organizer, a bedside organizer for your pocket stuff and little doodads, in the kitchen, or even in a tool or craft room.  In addition to little cubbies and compartments to store your gadgets… Read More

Lay-n-Go manufactures “innovative organizational solutions for life, play, and travel.”  These bags have drawstrings that pull the bag closed into a ball shape, so they can be carried along with your or used as a storage bag.  They come in various sizes that are small enough to hold your cosmetics or grooming supplies to keep… Read More

In our old house, we had room in our kitchen for a big, ceiling-mounted pot rack.  In our new place, there’s no room for the rack in our tiny kitchen.  We have to fit all our expensive All-Clad cookware in a cabinet under the cooktop, and we have resorted to putting paper plates between the… Read More

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