Haixin folding storage bins review – organizational super powers!

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REVIEW – Stuff, we all have it. Most of us (me included) have way too much of it. Today I want to show you a product that can help you organize it. It’s a folding storage bin from Haixin. Let’s take a look.

What is it?

The Haixin folding storage bin is a 19-gallon plastic storage bin, but it’s unlike most storage bins that you find at big box stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club.

What’s in the box?

  • Haixin folding storage bins

Design and features

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Available in 1, 3, 6, and 8 packs and in 2 sizes: 8.4 gallons and 19 gallons, I was sent a 3-pack of the 19 gallon version of the Haixin storage bins.

Each unit arrives in the format that you see above. Collapsed and flat.

haixin bins 2

There are two parts to the Haixin bins. The bottom layer is actually the lid.

haixin bins 3

To assemble the Haixin bin, you first unfold the top two side sections/walls. When you do this, you will reveal the front section/wall.

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The front of the bin easily snaps into the side walls. No tools needed. Yay!

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With the first three walls upright and secured to each other, there are just 2 more steps to complete the assembly.

haixin bins 6

The back wall/section unfolds and then snaps into the back of the side walls as easily as the front sections.

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With everything snapped together, you can then open two doors on the front. Can your Sterilite storage bin do that? 😉

haixin bins 8

The front doors even have specially designed locking handles.

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Don’t forget the lid.

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It fits on top and is held in place with friction. Unfortunately, there’s no way to lock the lid in place like you can with the doors.

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Here’s a view of the bottom of the Haixin storage bin where there are small wheels.

haixin bins 11

These wheels aren’t the most functional, but they can provide a bit of help with maneuvering a stack of Haixin bins if you have a hard floor surface and not carpet.

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Haixin bins are also stackable! The lids are designed so that the wheels from another bin will slot in place to secure the stack.

See it in action

What I like

  • Access your stuff when the bins are stacked
  • Easy to build or store when they are no longer needed

What I’d change

  • Improve the wheels
  • Add a way to lock the lid

Final thoughts

Organizing our collections and rarely-used items can be a hassle. I really like the way the Haixin folding storage bins are designed to make it easier to access the stored items without moving the stack of bins. They are well-made and easy to set up and tear down. The easy stackability factor is great, but the best feature is locking doors. If you want a set of storage bins that is better than average, these bins are worth looking into.

Price: $179.99
Where to buy: Haixin ( Save 10% sitewide with the code: GADGETEER )
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Haixin.

4 thoughts on “Haixin folding storage bins review – organizational super powers!”

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  2. The cost is just bonkers. Sure I get the pack flat when not in use ethos but not sure who this even gets close to using the typical plastic crates that also stack inside when empty.

    These are simply way too complex with catches / leaches / hinges that will simply fail in time. Over engineered over priced an a very niche market for people with lots of cash .. or very specific needs

  3. I brought similar design at SGD 75.00 (appx USD 56.00) via shopee. If you stacked them and packed heavily with stuff, the doors do get stuck.

  4. I thought this would work perfect for my skincare supplies, devices and products in my spa storage room. I scored the actual Haixin brand in a 2-Pack for $34 on my favorite online auction which also had some other brands for 18 pairs of shoes and a rolling closet. I paid less the retail price of the Haixin. Very quality and durable plastic.

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