Satechi F1 Smart Monitor Stand makes working less of a pain in the neck


Having your monitor at the right height prevents neck strain and poor posture, and the F1 Smart Monitor Stand from Satechi has two pre-set height positions to help you find the best height for your monitor.  The empty space under the stand becomes a place to store your keyboard and mouse when they aren’t in use, or you can stow other items under there to keep your workplace looking neat.  The Smart Stand has four USB ports on the front, so you can easily connect peripherals without having to blindly hunt for a USB port on the back of the computer.  There’s also a headphone jack and a microphone jack up front.  The aluminum legs can support monitors, laptops, or all-in-ones weighing up to 22 pounds.  The regular price is $39.99, but it’s available now at the special price of $29.99.

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