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Like most of you out there, I don’t jump out of bed in the morning saying to myself “YES! I’m going to go and do a grueling workout RIGHT NOW!!” I need music to motivate me. So do swimmers. The Gadgeteer has reported on various waterproof music gadgets in the past like the FINIS swiMP3v2 and… Read More

MP3 players are a dime a dozen these days.  MP3 playing functionality is practically built into every electronic device that we have – cell phones, handheld gaming systems, car stereo, computers, etc.  But sometimes you just want a simple and small MP3 player, and that’s where The Kube2 by Ollo Technologies comes in. Inside the… Read More

Sony has announced the F800 series Walkman Mobile Entertainment Players, powered by Android 4.0.  The F800 series have a 3.5″ multitouch screen and an NVIDIA® Tegra® 2 dual-core processer.  It comes pre-loaded with a variety of apps, including mail and maps.  The integrated S-Master™ digital amplifier enriches sound while reducing noise and distortion.  The F800 has WiFi… Read More

If you swim, Pyle has a new Waterproof MP3 Player (PSHWPMP3) you’ll be interested in.  The MP3 player is waterproof up to 3 meters and comes with waterproof earbuds that are “made of an ergonomic soft silicone material and wrap comfortably around the ear to keep them secure during vigorous activities like swimming, hiking, jogging… Read More

The Ematic eSport Clip MP3 player has a lot of features in a tiny package.  There’s 4GB of storage for up to 2300 songs, 20 hours of video, or thousands of pictures.  There’s a 1.8″ OVGA screen on the front for viewing movies or your photos, and you can even read ebooks on it.  The… Read More

As you run, workout, cycle, snowboard, or do other activities that make you sweat, chances are that you listen to music while you do it. So then you wear your headphones or earbuds to keep yourself entertained. But as the abundance of sweat drips steadily from your sweaty head, your headphones become distorted from the… Read More

Got your vinyl stored away in boxes somewhere?  Grab out the best (or worst) record and revive its sound (well kinda). London Designer Paul Cocksedge molds old 12″ records into a smartphone amplifier, working on the same principles as the gramaphones of old. Paul will be heating and molding old LP’s at an Exhibition called… Read More

The Finis SwiMP3.1G is a waterproof MP3 player that doesn’t use earbuds.  The two sections of the SwiMP3 attach to the straps of your goggles and rest against your cheek.  Sound is transmitted through your checkbones, so your music never sounds muffled.  There’s 1GB of storage and an 8-hour lithium-ion battery that charges through USB.  The Finis… Read More

This little Aluminum Sound Tube MP3 Speaker from ThinkGeek is about the size of the tube inside a roll of toilet paper.  It functions as an external speaker for iPods, or you can use it as a standalone MP3 player.  ThinkGeek says that the tube delivers a big sound.  It has a rechargeable battery that delivers 6-12 hours… Read More

There’s a new member of the rechargeable X-Mini capsule speaker family. The X-Mini HAPPY adds an MP3 player and built-in SD/SDHC card slot to the popular X-Mini pop-up speaker format, creating a tiny boombox in your hand. The X-Mini HAPPY is currently available in the UK at and, priced at £49.99… Read More

The latest release in the iRecord line is an audio recorder, allowing one-touch music/audio transfer and recording from the device to an iPhone, iPod touch, or any other compatible MP3 player.  iRecord Music is able to record any audio through a line out or headphone out jack on a cassette/CD/gaming device/etc, it can capture streaming… Read More

Man, this review HURTS me to write.  I’m a Microsoft fangirl.  I have been since before I bought my first computer with 4 mb of memory and a 40 mb hard drive that had to be partitioned so the operating system (DOS) could handle it.  I even LOVE Vista.  I often liked the way Mac… Read More

If electronic devices can’t be small enough for you, check out the Micro Sport Japanese MP3 player from ThinkGeek.  The mp3 player is about the size of two sugar cubes,  and it looks like a Bluetooth earbud.  It connects to your computer (running any operating system – requires no drivers) via a USB cable, and you just… Read More