iRecord Music: USB, MP3 player, Audio Digitizer and Recorder

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The latest release in the iRecord line is an audio recorder, allowing one-touch music/audio transfer and recording from the device to an iPhone, iPod touch, or any other compatible MP3 player.  iRecord Music is able to record any audio through a line out or headphone out jack on a cassette/CD/gaming device/etc, it can capture streaming radio from a computer’s audio out, and it’s also equipped with a microphone for live lecture recordings.  It has a 3-position slider for adjusting the recording volume with the ability to monitor your recordings in real time through the headphone out.  Forget your iPod?  iRecord Music will also function as a basic mp3 player and has a 2GB internal memory.  It supports the following audio codecs:  MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC.

iRecord Music is available now in either black or lime green for $79.95.

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