Finis SwiMP3.1G MP3 Player for Swimmers

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The Finis SwiMP3.1G is a waterproof MP3 player that doesn’t use earbuds.  The two sections of the SwiMP3 attach to the straps of your goggles and rest against your cheek.  Sound is transmitted through your checkbones, so your music never sounds muffled.  There’s 1GB of storage and an 8-hour lithium-ion battery that charges through USB.  The Finis SwiMP3 plays MP3 and WMA files, and it’s compatible with Windows and Apple computers.  The SwiMP3 is $149.99.

6 thoughts on “Finis SwiMP3.1G MP3 Player for Swimmers”

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  2. This sounds (pun, pun, pun!) interesting.

    But could someone check on how easy/difficult it is to get MP3’s onto the thing.

    I remember that was the reason I bought an iPod to being with.

  3. @Sandee Cohen According to the information on the Finis site, you simply plug the device into a USB port and drag and drop files onto the device.

  4. “plug the device into a USB port and drag and drop files onto the device”

    Oh, Golly!

    That’s even EASIER than an iPod!!!

  5. Oh, dear. I just noticed that you have to wear it with goggles. I was hoping to use it with a snorkle and mask. This is not going to work.

  6. I am using the previous version of this player (256Mb) for last 5 years and it’s been the best purchase I ever made. From time to time it goes nuts and you have to reformat it but it only happened about 4-5 times.

  7. I have to think earbuds would be preferable for swimmers because the noise of air bubbling past ears while swimming is considerable. I’ve often thought that the negative effect of this noise on swimmers must be significant as it must approach 60db.

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