Micro Sport Japanese MP3 Player

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If electronic devices can’t be small enough for you, check out the Micro Sport Japanese MP3 player from ThinkGeek.  The mp3 player is about the size of two sugar cubes,  and it looks like a Bluetooth earbud.  It connects to your computer (running any operating system – requires no drivers) via a USB cable, and you just drag-and-drop your mp3 files to the player.  It has 4 GB of storage space and a rechargeable battery!  It offers full stereo sound;  one earbud is attached to the player, and the second earbud plugs in with a short cord that hangs behind your head.  It’s imported from Japan by ThinkGeek, so you’ll need to go there for some English instructions.  It’ll cost you $79.99 for the privilege of saying “mine’s smallest!”

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  2. @Baldspot Just get a big rubberband, hook it over the top of your ear, pull it down over the player, under your chin, over the other earbud, and hook it over the top of your other ear – voila!

  3. Actually it comes with a detachable plastic ear hook that can be turned over so that the mp3 player can be placed in either ear.

    It also comes with the second ear bud, a usb cable and Japanese instructions.

  4. Thinkgeek no longer has the item pictured (even though it’s still the one shown on the item page). They will send you a new version. It does not come with an ear clip but instead fits deeper in the ear canal to stay put.
    Though, the one I bought wouldn’t power up…and neither did the next two they sent as replacements…

  5. @ mike
    I got that one too, its actually the “micro sport mp3 player 2”
    Mine is just fine in the computer I can transfer music, but I couldn’t get it to power up. How long should it charge for?

  6. Anyone have any luck getting it to power up to play music? Mine too seems to be experiencing the same problem, i would rather not have spent $40 for just a 4 gig usb drive.

  7. Guess what.. I got my player yesterday.. and it just would not power up… ! I had to get this shipped to my city paying up $65.. not wanna waste it all this way !

  8. Mine is not charging up either. I have the “micro sport mp3 player 2”. Does anyone know of a solution to this issue?

  9. Got my MP3 player a couple of days ago and it works great.

    I found mine through GeekStuff4U.

    Mine is the “micro sport mp3 player 2” as well.

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