Modbook Pro Is The Tablet Apple Never Made

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Everyone loves Apple’s Macbook Pro.  It’s an awesome computer for artists and musicians to expand their creativity.  But haven’t we always wished that Apple made a real OS X tablet?  Modbook Inc. (formally Axiotron) did just that with their new line of 2012 Modbook Pro tablets.  What Modbook Inc. does is take an actual 13.3″ Macbook Pro and modify it by removing the keyboard, giving it a new custom tablet case, adding a Wacom digitizer screen, and adding in a solid state hard drive.  I think this new Modbook Pro will be a killer in the creative design community.  Pricing isn’t announce yet, but I definitely will put in a pre-order when it comes out on October 3rd.

6 thoughts on “Modbook Pro Is The Tablet Apple Never Made”

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  2. The ModBook would be a great portable product for many artists.

    Wished that Wacom was able to get their tech into more products.
    Imagine Cintiq-like capabilities on a 27″ iMac screen?

    Wacom has awesome digitizer technology, but hard for non-professionals to justify paying $3K for a second screen.

    Could definitely be tempted to pay a few hundred extra if it was an build option for the main screen.

  3. I expect this to be more easel-and-canvas than take-me-anywhere tablet. The 13.3″ is quite heavy to be a tablet.

  4. @Mark – I doubt they would sue since it’s just a modified version of the original hardware. Think of it more of a case mod for the Macbook. Plus Apple doesn’t even have a real osx tablet at all.

  5. @Jackie – Hi thanks for the comment 😀

    I was being ironic, but it would be intersting to see if this ever does come to market what Apples response will/would be. If they can attempet sue for a rectangle with rounded corners who knows what else they can can attempt?

    I know its slightly different but there have been incidents where novel apps have been rejected from the app store only for an Apple version to show up later.

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