KHOMO Black Rubberized Texture Samsung Galaxy S3 Back Cover Review

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I did some shopping on Amazon the other day and found a couple covers for my Samsung Galaxy S3. I don’t normally use a case with my devices because I don’t like to add additional bulk. But the SGS3 is slippery and could really benefit from adding some grip. The KHOMO Black Rubber Back Cover is one of the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S3 cases I’ve found so far. Let me show you.

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This cover is not flashy. It’s just a thin Black snap on cover that has a smooth matte rubber feel to outer surface.

Pull the existing shiny Blue cover off the back of the phone and snap this one in its place. It’s fast and easy.

The cover lines up perfectly, snaps on perfectly and feels great in your hand because it adds absolutely no bulk whatsoever. So, I must love it right? No, not really. Here’s why… Although it feels good in my hand and does provide extra grip, the rubber surface has a tendency to show grease marks and dust. But the biggest issue is that it provides no additional protection to the camera lens. I have my phone on the desk beside me and am constantly sliding it around, picking it up and putting it down. If the lens is coming in contact with the desktop, it’s going to start getting scratched and I don’t want that. So for that fact, the KHOMO cover is $6.99 down the drain for me.  BTW: this cover is also available in Pink if you are interested in buying one.

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Product Information

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Provides more grip that stock cover
  • Does not offer added protection to camera lens

21 thoughts on “KHOMO Black Rubberized Texture Samsung Galaxy S3 Back Cover Review”

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  2. So if you don’t normally use a case, surely the you have no protection for the camera lens in any case?

    I’m also a bit undecided about cases, I’ve found that the friction and dust from cases seems to scratch the phones more than not using one, but I guess do offer a bit of impact protection.

    1. @Kismet I would pay for that! 🙂

      @SR71 True… I don’t normally use a case, but since I just bought this brand new SGS3, I want to protect the lens for awhile… so that’s why I’m looking for the best way to do that.

  3. I just bought the “Hyperion Samsung Galaxy S III Extended Battery HoneyComb TPU Case Black” to go with the new Extended battery “Hyperion Samsung Galaxy SIII 4200mAh Extended Battery + Pebble Blue Back Cover” and I have to tell you it is amazing I am getting two plus full day use out of my S3 and I do use it quite a bit. This case you have reviewed would be great if it fit my thicker S3. I am glad you have the S3 now we can see all the reviews of accessories that you will come across.

  4. Thanks Julie
    That seems like a great deal although I have started using the Zagg skins stickers for the backs of my phones. I got a custom one printed for my GS3 and am very happy. Doesn’t really add any thickness but does protect it and stops it from being so slippery.
    It is more expensive than your case but you can customize with a gadgeteer logo!

  5. Julie
    Not at all. It looks really nice and has no bubbles. I’ve done the same for an Ipad 2 and my Galaxy Note. You might think it would peel off coming in and out of pockets but I’ve even found that to be great.

  6. @Julie
    If you don’t have any use for the KHOMO batttery cover any more, would you be willing to sell/ship it to Germany?
    Because that’s exactly what I’m looking for since I’ve got my S3, and it’s impossible to buy it over here. Amazon will not ship overseas.
    Regards, Albert

  7. the writer of this review is a retard…this “khomo” is only a battery cover. It is not a case, it is only meant to replace the original battery cover with something that can provide some additional grip.

  8. This is exactly the *type* of replacement back I’m looking for! But sad to hear no good protection for the camera… Any good alternatives?? Thanks!

  9. this battery cover looks awesome. now if it had a metal kickstand like the seidio, that would make it so much better.

  10. Why not cover the lens with a small piece of clear tape, or cling wrap and then put the cover on? Just replace the clear cover if it gets marked up.

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