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REX Pro Review

Program Requirements: Desktop: 486 or Pentium with 8meg of RAM running Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 (NT users require docking station) 15mb free disk space Franklin has released their next generation REX device. This new version is called the REX Pro. What’s different in this new version? The REX Pro now has a data …

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The Wedge and WedgeTV Review

Hello, my name is Julie Strietelmeier, and I am a couch potato. There, I’ve said it…whew… I feel better. Yes, it’s true, I like nothing better than sitting home on the weekend watching movies and tv shows that I’ve taped during the week while being at work. When the mini satellite dishes came out, I …

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T9 Keyboard Review

What makes the Palm OS PDAs so great is that virtually everything about them software-wise can be modified via 3rd party add-ons, or replacements.  The T9 keyboard by Tegic Communications is one such program. The T9 keyboard replaces the built in QWERTY style keyboard.  The T9 (which stands for “Text on 9 keys”) product isn’t …

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WinCam Live Review

The WinCam.Live Internet Camera System by StarDot Technologies is a fully automated webcam. This isn’t one of those little webcams that you use to do video chat through Microsoft NetMeeting or other such programs. WinCam.Live is more suited although not limited to surveillance type work. This product can be easily configured to take a picture …

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PilotGear Executive Leather Case Review

The Executive case by PilotGear H.Q. is a very nice black leather wallet style case. This case will hold either a PalmPilot or a Palm III. The PDA is held in place by a leather yoke. The Executive measures 13 5/8″ Wide by 5 1/2″ Tall (open) and 4 1/4″ Wide by 5 1/2″ Tall …

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