StuckOff Justice League Laptop Sticker Review

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I am a hardcore Superman fan. Over my life, I have seen (almost) every show, movie, and cartoon Superman has ever been in; from the original shows from the 1950’s to Smallville. This includes nearly every Justice League show as well. When I saw this Justice League sticker for MacBooks on…. I just had to get one.  So, I ordered one from soon there after.

The sticker’s Justice League characters are fashioned after the animated series and includes (from left to right) Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Hawkgirl. I purchased this sticker to go on my new 13″ MacBook Air. According to the website, the sticker would fit nearly any 13″ laptop. Sadly, it took almost three weeks for it to be delivered to my house….way too long of a wait. Based on the way it laid on (and overhung) my MBAir, I thought StuckOff had sent me the 15″/17″ version of the JL sticker. I contacted them and they assured me I had received the correct one. I was still dubious, but thought I would go for it, none the less.

Prior to applying the sticker to my MBAir, I watched the installation video on the StuckOff website. The bottom line is that installing the sticker is similar to putting on a protective film, like invisibleSHIELD or Wrapsol (less the liquid). The first step is to make sure the sticker is completely adhering to the clear plastic sheet it comes on.

Once you have done that, you carefully/slowly pull off the white backing paper protecting the vinyl sticker.

You then place the sticker so that Superman’s ‘S’ is in the middle of the Apple and no other part of the glowing logo can be seen through the sticker. You have to be really careful…..there is no second try at this point.

Once the Superman shield is in the correct location, you press the rest of the sticker into place. I used a plastic squeegee that came with one of my invisibleSHIELDs to press the sticker onto the surface of my MBAir. A credit card or license would work just as well to remove all of the air bubbles.

As you can see, a great deal of the characters’ legs over hung the edge of the MacBook. This plus the fact that the sticker’s not even close to being centered, irritated me a bit.

Once completely pressed onto the top of the MacBook, you carefully/slowly pull back the plastic sheet.

The final step in the installation is to cutoff the portion of the sticker that overhangs the edge of the MacBook. For me, that was a decent percentage of each of their legs. I disliked having to use a razorblade so close to the exquisite surface/edge of my MBAir.

The coolest thing about this sticker is that Superman’s “S” logo is designed to be overlaid on the Apple logo to have a glowing (Superman) logo effect. When you are using your MacBook, this effect makes the Justice League look even cooler ;).

Other than the fact that the Justice League sticker took three weeks to be delivered, is not centered, and I had to cutoff the planet, their feet, and part of their legs…..I am ‘okay’ with the end result. I am also skeptical how long this sticker will survive my hectic travels and crazy life. But who knows, it might last longer than I expect. At $18, this sticker is a bit pricey and should definitely be tailor fit for each MacBook size. All that said, everyone who see it smiles and says ‘that’s cool….’.

****I will keep you all updated on how long it lasts.****


Product Information

  • - Quality vinyl sticker
  • - Justice League silhouette
  • - Superman's 'S' glows
  • - Not centered
  • - Bottom of sticker has to be cutoff MBAir
  • - Three week delivery wait
  • - Expensive

5 thoughts on “StuckOff Justice League Laptop Sticker Review”

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  2. I might be ok with it not being centered but having to decapitate the superheros is just plain wrong. StuckOff should at least test these with the Apple line of laptops to make sure it all works perfectly.

  3. I just wanted to check in since I wrote this review. I have had this sticker on my MBAir for nearly three weeks now. Sadly, the finer/smaller parts are already curling up (detaching), like Flash’s lighting bolt (on the side of his head) and Hawk Girl’s head feathers. I attribute this to slipping my laptop in & out of my bag. I will continue to update you all, if/as my StuckOff sticker continues to deteriorate.

  4. The trick to placing large stickers (or protective film) onto a non-water soluble surface is windex.

    Spray windex onto the surface you plan to place the film onto, put the film on, move it around however you like (the windex will let the film float), squeegee out the windex, and let it dry.

    This is pretty much how large decals and window tinting is applied to cars, and how advertisements are placed onto store front windows.

  5. Ummm, the original shows were in the forties, as any “hardcore” superman fan would know. You remind me of this valley girl in a record store, exclaiming “Whoa, you guys, did you know Paul McCartney was in a whole other band before Wings?!”

  6. I just received a macbook for school today. and I am wanted to put this on my mac but w can only stick it on our clear crystal case. Will it still work even though it’s not directly on the macbook it’s self. And yes it’s the old macbook 13″

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