Quiver Pen Holders for Moleskine Notebooks Review

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I love gadgets and gizmos with LEDs, buttons and batteries, but I also love analog gear just as much. Things like Moleskine and Rhodia notebooks, pens and colored pencils are usually scattered around my desk and in my gear bag. I’ve recently started keeping a journal again and during one of my epic web surfing quests for Moleskine info, I found these great looking leather Moleskine pen holders from Quiver. They appear to be a wonderful solution for keeping a writing instrument and a notebook together in one place. They were kind enough to send me samples of each style, so let’s check them out.

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The quivers come in two styles, two colors and two sizes. The single-pen quiver holds one pen (shocking!) or pencil and the dual-pen quiver can hold two pens (or two pencils or a pen and a pencil – you get the idea). They come in Brown or Black and are sized to fit the small and large Moleskine and Rhodia style notebooks.

I was sent both style quivers in Brown for small sized notebooks. I paired them with a Moleskine and a Rhodia 3.5 x 5.5″.

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Both quivers are made of soft finely grained leather and are hand stitched. The single-pen quiver adds the pen holder to the spine of the notebook and attaches with elastic straps that go around the front and back covers of the notebook.

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Because the straps can stretch, it’s possible that the quiver will fit other notebooks of similar size. You can check Quiver’s site for a list of compatible notebooks.

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The pen holder is generously sized. I tested all sorts of pens from generic Bic stick pens up to a Pilot Petit 1 mini fountain pen – although the Petit 1 was a tight fit. Due to the nature of leather, it will stretch, so even if your favorite pen or pencil has a large diameter, chances are that it will fit. Since the holder is open at the bottom, even longer pens will not be a problem.

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The single-pen quiver lays completely flat on the sides of the notebook, due in part to the spring steel stays that are sewn into the leather.

I was worried that the pen holder would get in the way of actually holding the notebook while writing in it, but so far that has not been an issue. The extra bulk in the spine area is there, but it folds out of the way when there’s no pen in it.

There is one downside to using the single-pen quiver with a Moleskine and Rhodia style notebooks that have a pocket attached to the back cover… the elastic band goes over the pocket, so that it can’t be accessed. I personally don’t use these pockets, but I’m sure others do – especially with the large size notebooks.

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The dual-pen quiver has a simpler design than the single-pen quiver. It attaches just to the front cover instead of both the front and back.

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Like the single-pen quiver, it is held in place with a strong elastic band. It just uses one band though, so the back cover pocket can be used normally.

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I like that I can keep two favorite pens in this holder. I like to write with a medium tip pen and draw with a fine tipped pen. This style also adds less bulk and is almost unnoticable when you’re holding and writing in the notebook. The holder is large enough to easily hold even 2 Pilot Petit 1 fountain pens with ease. It is open at the bottom, so even longer pens can fit with no issues.

I just love these Moleskine pen holders from Quiver. It’s funny how something so simple can make me so happy. If you love notebooks like the Moleskine, you need this great little accessory. Trust me, I know that you’ll love them as much as I do.


Product Information

Price:$14.95 - $24.95
  • Incredibly useful
  • Great workmanship
  • Inexpensive
  • Single holder does add some bulk
  • Single holder elastic band covers up the pocket on the back cover of Moleskine and Rhodia notebooks

28 thoughts on “Quiver Pen Holders for Moleskine Notebooks Review”

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  2. I just starting using one of these a couple of weeks ago and love it! Good quality!!! Was using with Moleskine but moved to Rhodia.

  3. Wow…love the design! Have always been looking for a pen-holder for my moleskine notebook. Placing an order now.

  4. @Julie – Ordered the single one since it’s flush flat with the Moleskine. I will miss the back pocket though.

  5. I wonder if you would know if a Livescribe pen would fit in either holder? Would prefer the single holder. I use a porfolio that Livescribe makes that holds their moleskin style notebook and the pen – its much larger than the notebook. This looks like a better solution for me as I like the small notebook.

  6. I use a single pen Quiver and have full access to the back pocket. I just added a folded over loop of tape to the pocket to help me pull the pocket open.
    With this simple hack the elastic on the Quiver does not interfere with my access to the rear pocket.
    A good fingernail would also do the job to access the pocket, but I keep my fingernails short.

    1. @JC I no longer have a Livescribe, so I’m not sure. Can you measure around the widest part of the barrel and let me know? I’ll find something similar to try.

      @anson I’ve emailed them to find out. Stay tuned.

  7. Quiverglobal has created a coupon code for you!
    The code is: ‘gadgeteer2010’. It is valid now. You can enter it in the Promo Code box during check-out. It is valid through December 12th to ensure delivery by Christmas to most locations.
    FYI, they are selling Combo Sets which combine a Quiver pen holder with Moleskine notebooks.

  8. @julie – Thanks for the heads up! I ended up ordering pretty much one of each, in a variety of combo sets as well. Can’t wait til they arrive so i can show them off to my pen-nerd group of friends 🙂
    (tho i may have to break-in the leather to get some of my prized fountain pens to fit…)

  9. Tried and approved….With my Webbie, lovely Webbie. I moved last year from Moles to Webbie and won’t change my mind anymore. After trying the Webbie, which has the genuine “moleskine” spirit, the new so-called moleskine is just a….

  10. I got the dual pen large black as a gift for xmas – works great on my LiveScribe Lined Journal (close to same dimensions as a moleskine 13x21cm) and holds my Echo pen no problem. I imagine it would hold the original Pulse pen too without much issue. Only bummer is I had already stickered up my Journal so now the pen holder covers some of the stickers – next one I can plan around it. Works great though – no more lost pen tip covers on the Echo anymore, everything is protected.

  11. Julie sent me one of these for Christmas (the single pen, pocket size) and I love it — at first I thought it might add too much width to the notebook for me to keep it in my pants pocket like usual, but no, I can still do that. So far I am only using it with a Zebra G301 gel pen, but think I’ll put my next fountain pen in there once I get it…

  12. > I wonder how the dual pen holder works with the large soft cover Moleskine?<

    The elastic on the Quiver products is quite taut when in position. I should think it would easily distort the soft cover material. The people at Quiver have been a delight to chat with, drop them a note.

    david boise ID

  13. Fun Fact. These are produced by Saddleback Leather’s production company. So you know the quality of the leather is top notch.

  14. Ownership update: My pocket sized dual pen quiver is about a year old. It holds two fountain pens from my collection of Sheaffers and I rotate them weekly. The Quiver has seen typically daily use, in and out of my sholder bag, on and off my bike, in and out for meetings and musing and it definitely shows the results: patina, knicks and scratches and dents, softening of the leather. It’s delightful. The stitching has held up well and I expect to get several more years of utility. One small quibble and a warning about a potential flaw: The top edge of the front flap sees all of the wear and tear of clipping in my pens. It has softened so much that it distorts when replacing a pen so I must move the pen slowly and carefully or actually hold the clip open. It’s not a big deal, the action has become automatic, but it will only get worse as the Quiver continues to age.
    You also need to know the side stitching that holds the top flap to the back piece is where all of the stress occurs as you use your pens and move the Quiver from book to book. The makers have thoughfully reverse-stitched here but I think the top edge and the sides need a wee bit more attention.
    My bottom line: Terrific little product. I am sure you would be happy with one and every notebook addict you know wants one as a gift.
    I anticipated this in a post I made to some notebook blog when my Quiver originally arrived.

  15. Owrenship Update: November 2013: My Quiver still works fine and it’s aged nicely. The top edge where my Sheaffer fountain pens clip in has become a bit worn but it has held up well. Turned out not to be a problem at all.

  16. Will these work if you have a leather cover over your Moleskine? I’m guessing no. Have you seen a good leather Moleskine cover that incorporates a pen holder? I use softcover large Moleskine journals and would like to carrry a fountain pen and a mechanical pencil. Thx

    1. Michael, the dual pen quiver would probably work just fine over a leather cover. The elastic should allow for the extra thickness.

      As for other covers that incorporate a pen holder, here are a couple ideas that aren’t exactly what you’re asking for, but you still might like them:


  17. I have a molie cover from Gfellers Casemakers. The Quiver bends the top and bottom edge as you might imagine but the Gfellers cover doesn’t seem to mind.

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