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Wireless home speaker systems use a home’s existing WiFi to stream music throughout many rooms in a home or to just a few rooms. It all depends on how it’s set up and budget constraints. Sonos is one of the first and more popular brands of wireless speakers. As streaming music has become more viable [...]

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Archt One_1

I’m an art director by trade, so I pay almost as much attention to the design of an item as how it performs. Maybe that’s why I’m an unapologetic Apple fan boy. I’m also obsessed with audio gear, so when a new speaker comes out and doesn’t look like anything else, I notice. Archt (pronounced [...]

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Mass Fidelity_Core_2

When I reviewed the Mass Fidelity Relay Bluetooth digital audio converter, I was struck how well made and solid the DAC is, as well as how it makes life easier dealing with my older stereo equipment. However, the Relay is a niche product that will not be useful to everyone. Not so with the new [...]

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Installing a whole home audio system used to be a chore. Now with wireless systems like the Korus V400 and V600 (reviewed on the Gadgeteer), Sonos, and others, you no longer have to deal with the hassle of hard wiring the speakers into your home. You can even buy speakers one at a time and easily expand [...]

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Bowers and Wilkins just keep the hits coming. You might think this British audio powerhouse would take a break, but they obviously have no intention of doing that. Apple has just changed their 30-pin dock, making every single dock speaker obsolete without a $30 adapter. One of the reasons Apple did this is to urge [...]

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I definitely enjoy listening to music. While I would not classify myself as an audiophile, I do prefer listening to my music more often than not. I have speaker systems and earphones strategically placed throughout my home, garage, car, and work so that when I want to plug in, I can with little effort. I [...]

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Elizabeth told us about the Tech Lighting Railtones wireless speaker system last year, and they looked very interesting.  However, they would only work with a low-voltage rail lighting system.  This set of two AudioBulb Wireless Speaker Light Bulbs can be screwed into typical lighting fixtures, and they operate on 2.4GHz signals to minimize interference.  They [...]

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Bath-takers of the world, no longer will you look upon your showering counterparts and their radios with envy! Your music can now blare loud and proud through your..."rubber" duckie!  The iDuck, besides being adorable, is a floating waterproof speaker.  Its corresponding transmitter is in the shape of an egg which attaches via headphone jack to [...]

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I’ve had nothing but laptops for several years now, and I’ll never go back to desktop computers. About the only thing I don’t like about laptops is their typically wimpy speakers. I don’t want to have to plug in external speakers and have my laptop tethered to them. The Logitech Wireless Z515 Speaker sounds perfect [...]

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Wireless TV Speaker


This Wireless TV Speaker from Hammacher Schlemmer would have been a great gift for my dad.  It lets you have a remote speaker so that someone who needs a little extra volume can hear the sound without blasting the TV volume throughout the room.  Plug the remote transmitter into the audio out on your TV, cable box, or satellite [...]

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