Summer’s almost here, and you’re probably anticipating trips to the pool or to the beach.  If you’d like to use your smartphone to share some tunes with your friends without worrying about water damage, the Splash-Proof Speaker for Smartphones from Muji has you covered.  You can’t take it snorkeling with you, but you won’t have to worry… Read More

I’ve recently been thinking about ways to keep gear dry when you get caught in the rain, and the Kona Project 2 Messenger bag from Brenthaven caught my eye because it’s built with an internal dry bag to keep your laptop and other electronics dry.  It’s made of water-shedding 1000D Cordura fabric, and it has patent-pending… Read More

I definitely enjoy listening to music. While I would not classify myself as an audiophile, I do prefer listening to my music more often than not. I have speaker systems and earphones strategically placed throughout my home, garage, car, and work so that when I want to plug in, I can with little effort. I… Read More

Most every phone, tablet, MP3 player, and computer these days have built-in speakers so you can hear audio without having to use headphones.  Most of those built-in speakers are woefully inadequate for anything but listening while you’re within a couple of feet of your device.  There are a plethora of external speakers available to boost… Read More

Rumba Time unisex watches are made of silicone, some with a solid band and some with a magnetic link clasp.  The watches are water-resistant to a depth of 99 feet.  The Rumba Time watches are ideal for wearing while working out, but they look good enough to wear any time.  The watches are ultra-lightweight;  the… Read More