iPhone/iPod speaker

For those of you who were not old enough to remember or alive during the ’80s, how good your stereo/music system was considered was directly proportional to how big/massive/insane your speakers were. I knew a few people who had to borrow a truck to transport theirs. But with the digital age, the invention of the… Read More

The iBamboo speaker is another innovation seeking funding through Kickstarter.  It’s a speaker exclusively for the iPhone 4 that is literally a piece of foot-long bamboo with a carved iPhone dock opening.  That’s it.  There are no cables, no batteries, no need for electricity whatsoever.  Once the iPhone is placed in the dock, the bamboo… Read More

Bath-takers of the world, no longer will you look upon your showering counterparts and their radios with envy! Your music can now blare loud and proud through your…”rubber” duckie!  The iDuck, besides being adorable, is a floating waterproof speaker.  Its corresponding transmitter is in the shape of an egg which attaches via headphone jack to… Read More

I’ve seen lots of speaker sets for iPhones and iPods, but I’ve never seen one like the Macally AmpTune.  This speaker and charger system has two docks, so you can connect your iPhone or iPod in horizontal or vertical orientation.  The AmpTune runs on batteries or AC power;  your Apple device will be charged when… Read More

The iP49 Portable Rechargeable Audio System for iPhone/iPod is iHome’s first portable alarm clock radio with a rechargeable battery that lets users enjoy hours of music anywhere, any time.  It delivers 20 watts of power and has a compact folding design. Docking station allows owners to charge their iPhone/iPod, listen to music, and wake to… Read More

Tired of your iPhone/iPod staring at you rigidly from its speaker dock, fixed in portrait position?  Check out the iMM90 App Station “App Driven Rotational Dock” from iLuv.  The App Station’s design allows you to dock your iPhone/iPod and orient it however you’d like depending on what app you’re using at the time.  Watching a… Read More