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Egrips Review Updated

Product Requirements: Device: Reviewed for Palm Zire 71 and Innopocket Aluminum case for Zire 71 - available for just about anything! Also reviewed for Tungsten T|3 One of the few complaints about the Zire 71 that is almost universal among users is that its casing is very slippery to hold. Enter Egrips. Egrips are custom made for many [...]

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Product Requirements: Designed for the classic iPAQ 3600/3700/3800/3900/500 series PDA, but can be used with any PDA with the majority of it's buttons on the front panel,  that needs the ultimate water-resistant/crush-proof/dust-proof case ever. When I am sitting at my desk, about to begin working on another review and sipping yet another Starbucks latte, it [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: up to 6 memory cards, including Memory Stick, Smart Media, and Compact Flash If you've ever owned a CD wallet, CD player case, or (for us older kids) a cassette case, then you know Case Logic. They also make PDA and notebook PC carriers. Looking around my bomb shelter I call an [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: A PDA with a touch-screen Surplus PDA has come out with a 4 in1Stylus that has most of the features I look for when I consider a desktop replacement stylus. Comprised of clear plastic with a rubberized grip, the 4 in 1 resembles the old-timey BICs that we all used to covet [...]

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Product Requirements: Device: Any PDA smaller than The Newton Anyone out there remember my review of the PDA Plus case??? (If so, you get a Master’s Degree in Gadgeteer Third-String reviewer trivia; I used to be Second String but let’s not talk about the Axim). Anyhoo, as I was reviewing said leather flip-out case, I [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Many PDAs. The Chameleon line of styli from Pilot Pentopia have been popular with PDA owners for quite awhile now. In the past, we've taken a look at several of versions, including ones for the Sony CLIÉ n700 series, Palm m100 series, and Palm III series. Pilot Pentopia now have a brand [...]

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Device: Available for Palm, Handspring Visor, HP Jornada, Compaq iPAQ, Sony CLIÉ, Casio, Sharp Zaurus, Toshiba, as well as the Samsung, Kyocera and Visor PDA/phones and Newton handhelds By now, every Gadgeteer reader knows that I am a firm believer in PDA screen protection. If you have read some of my previous reviews on this [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Palm V/m500 series, HP/Compaq iPAQ, and Sony NR & T series CLIÉs   It's been a while since I wrote a review about PDA screen protectors, and I was starting to wonder if any more companies were going to come out with something new. Well, Innopocket has stepped up and introduced their [...]


Product Requirements: Your Car's Windshield, or any Smooth SurfaceDevice:Works best with Square Shaped PDA's Will Hold any PDA   I really tried with this one.  Really I did.  You'll notice the date on this review...Its almost a month over due.  While I owe Julie and Judie a big apology for blowing the deadline on this [...]


Product Requirements: Device: Any touch screen device I haven't written a stylus review in quite awhile. Why? Mainly because I haven't found one to spark my interest in a long time. It seems like most of the new styli that I've seen advertised are huge 584 function pens that require you to devote an entire [...]

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