Lately, most of the tablet talk has centered on HP and the TouchPad/webOS soap opera. The drama continued today when various tech news outlets reported that HP may be making as many as 1,000,000 more TouchPads to fulfill commitments with their supply-side vendors. At an estimated loss of almost $200 per unit I’ve got to… Read More

The Apple Newton MessagePad hasn’t been in production since 1998, but there are people that still use this touchpad device as their main PDA. I was curious to find out why this product continues to be popular, so I sat down with Marisa Giancarla, a self-proclaimed Newton fan. Marisa is a retired software engineer from… Read More

Product Requirements: Device: Any PDA An imagination is a great thing. And, you’ll definitely get to exercise yours if you decide to check out the PDA Pivot from CyberKnight Intl. Corp. What is the PDA Pivot? Well, it is basically a hinge that you attach to your PDA with Velcro. Doesn’t sound very exciting does… Read More

The CM220 Universal Mount for Palm-sized Computers by Arkon Resources Inc. is a PDA holder that can be affixed to a vehicle or other location. This holder unlike the Unimount by Revolve Design is compatible with any PDA that is between 4.5″ and 5.3″ tall. Some of the PDAs that will work with this mount… Read More

The C.E.O. (Classic, Elegant, One-of-a-kind) case by MarWare is a leather play-through type case that comes in black or burgundy. This case earns instant points from me because it doesn’t require you to put Velcro on the body of your Newton! Your MP2xk is held in place by two elastic bands and by sliding the… Read More

Are you a couch potato? Love movies and TV?  If so, welcome to the club!  I am a big movie and TV fan and own a DSS satellite system. With all those channels, I sometimes miss shows that I didn’t know were on.  I don’t really like paper TV guides because they aren’t easy to… Read More

The Newton MP2K Glove by E&B Cases is a black leather play through case for your Apple MessagePad 2000 or 2100. Inserting and removing the MP is easy. It slides into the case and a zipper wraps around to secure it. The screen flap on the case is very rigid and protects well. It is… Read More

The newtSuit is a nice slip on type case made by MarWare. The case is made of black Neoprene. Most people refer to this material as ‘wetsuit’ type material. It has a great feel to it, slightly stretchy and spongy. The newtSuit has 2 pockets, one on the outside of the case and one small… Read More

Do you use the keyboard with your Newton and are you looking for a case that will hold them both? Then you will definitely want to check out the Hand Stand case made by PDA Concepts. This is a ‘play-through’ case that holds both the Newton and the keyboard. It is made of a very… Read More

Note: This product is no longer available. The Xpress Newton Stand by Hi-Rizer is an adjustable stand for any Newton model. This stand is just what I needed to prop up my MP2K while using it at work.  I seemed to always be searching around for a book or something else to use as a… Read More

PDA Panache make some very nice replacement styli for various PDAs/HPCs. Their Newton Messagepad 2×00 styli is no exception. There are three different models of the newton styli.  All three styli will fit the stylus holder of your MP2K or MP21K just as well as the original stylus. Referring to the picture above, the leftmost… Read More