Universal Palm-size Computer Mount Review

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The CM220 Universal Mount for Palm-sized Computers by Arkon
Resources Inc.
is a PDA holder that can be affixed to a vehicle or other location.
This holder unlike the Unimount by Revolve Design is
compatible with any PDA that is between 4.5″ and 5.3″ tall. Some of the PDAs
that will work with this mount are: Philips Nino, Everex Freestyle, HP Jornada, Compaq
Aero, Casio E10, 15, 100, 105, Royal daVinci, PalmPilot, Palm IIIx, Palm V and Palm VII.

cm220-1.jpg (10727 bytes) cm220-2.jpg (9968 bytes)

I tested the CM220 with a Palm V, Palm III and a Casio E-100. It will attach to your
windshield via 3 large suction cups. The first day that I tested this mount, I just stuck
it on the glass and proceeded to drive to work. About 15mins later, I hit a bump and the
CM220 fell to the floor. Luckily, I didn’t have a PDA in it at the time. But, this wasn’t
Arkon’s fault, It was mine. I failed to read the directions. The first thing you are
supposed to do is clean the windshield area with an alcohol pad (which is included). The
next day, I did this and suffice to say, the mount has been securely attached ever since.

Once you attach the mount to the windshield, you can adjust the viewing angle by
fiddling with 2 thumb screws. This is easy to do and only takes a few seconds.

Also included with the CM220 is an optional adhesive mount that you can use to mount to
other hard surfaces like the side of a computer monitor or a car console.

The bottom part of the mount has spring loaded holder feet. To insert your PDA, you
just position the bottom of it on these padded feet, press down, and then press the top
part of the PDA into the padded top stop.  The padding is a closed cell foam and
holds the PDA securely in place. I drive a small pickup truck and tend to not slow down to
drive over rough railroad tracks and potholes. I never had a problem with any PDA popping
out of the CM220 due to this.

The CM220 is made of a hard black plastic. It feels very sturdy. The spring loaded feet
have a sufficiently stiff spring that holds them in place. The mount has a Pen/Stylus
holder and includes a dual ink pen/stylus. There is also an area that can hold either 2
batteries or a small post-em note pad. The holder feet are separated so that you can use
the serial port of PDA (if the serial port is located at the bottom middle of your PDA)
while it is in the mount. This is convenient if you need to use a GPS, keyboard or other

I think the CM220 is very well constructed and works well with the PDAs that I tested
it with. I found that it was somewhat easier to use with the smaller PDAs like the Palm V
and PalmPilot over the Casio E-100. The Casio E-100 is pretty tall and it takes a bit of
effort to pull the spring loaded feet down far enough to press the PDA into the mount. I
was afraid that the whole mount might pop off the windshield when I was doing this… but
it didn’t. If you need to use your PDA while you are in a vehicle, then you should
definitely consider this product.

Price: $49.95

Works with a variety of PDAs.
Made well.
Can still use the serial port while in the mount.

A little pricey.


Product Information

  • Works with a variety of PDAs.
  • Made well.
  • Can still use the serial port while in the mount.
  • A little pricey.

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