Retro Fun With an Apple eMate 300

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Late last week, while I was chatting with my buddy Tyler Puckett, he mentioned that he was going to a special sale put on by his school that was going to have some old Apple devices in the mix. When he said there would be eMates there for $15, I asked if he might pick up one for me. :o) Lucky for me, he was victorious and yesterday (just in time for my birthday!), it arrived in the mail. It didn’t come with any manuals, or even an AC adapter. So, I have to go eBay browsing to order one, because my supposedly universal Radio Shack adapter apparently isn’t universal enough. It’s in great shape though and I can’t wait to see that old familiar Newton interface. Check out the eMate pix…

emate 1

emate 2

emate 3

I remembered today that we had actually posted a retro review of the eMate 300 in 2002 (Hey Mike Riegel, whatever happened to you?). For reference, the eMate 300 was released in March of 1997.

Just in case you may be wondering, the eMate isn’t going to replace my 15″ Macbook Pro, but it will be a fun nostalgia piece. Now I just need a MessagePad 2100!. ;o)

Who else out there likes to collect interesting older gadgets?

7 thoughts on “Retro Fun With an Apple eMate 300”

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  2. So it’s not just me then! 🙂

    I’ve got Virgin Connect’s Webplayer internet appliance stashed away for some hacking on a relaxing weekend.. I did have one a few years that I shouldn’t have sold, as well as the I-Opener internet appliance.

    These days, I’m looking for an older Sony Clie.. the SL10 is tempting. I’m just attracted to the BW display as well as the fact that it takes regular AAA batteries.

    The best part for me is that retro gadgets can be had for so little money and of course, the nostalgia (“so this is how things were ten years ago!”).

  3. Hmmm I recently got a Dana Alphasmart wireless and my sister wanted one as well. She then dug up her old Newton 2000 and fell in love all over again. That reminded me on my Newton 2100 and I’m looking in earnest for a way of sending my notes to the Mac. If this works, the Newton 2100 will become my main writing tool again. oh bliss….

    The Dana is a good alternative in the meantime but I’m still nostalgic for anything Newton.

  4. I have two Macintosh computers running System 7.

    Not sure of the exact model number, but they are the ‘All-in-One’ Macs with the 7″ greyscale screen. One of them is new enough to accept 1.44Mb HD Floppies. The other can only take 800k DD.

  5. To Helene,

    Sorry I’m a bit late to this thread: Yes, you can get your Notes to your Mac. The easiest is to have a Wifi network and email them to yourself. Pop and IMAP email clients are available.

    The other way is to set up a serial connection through a keyspan USB to serial adapter but you will have to find a suitable cable as well.

    The Newton Community has a FAQ document that has all the answers:



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