Cross Matrix Multi-Pen Review

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Product Requirements:
Any touch-screen device

Do you remember the Transformers
cartoons? How these robots could change from one form to another when needed –
just in time to do the job at hand. Well I want to tell you that there is a way
that you can carry two ballpoint pens, a highlighter, a stylus, a fountain pen
and/or a roller-ball around with you, by using a multi-pen that seems to have a
little bit of Transformer blood running through its veins. I am talking about
the Cross Matrix
multi-pen. You won’t even need a pocket-protector to carry all this gear!

cross matrix 1 When you first see the Matrix, it simply looks like a cool,
fat, silver pen with black rubber accents. You might be tempted to dismiss
it as such, but if you did you would be missing out on something

The large black end of this pen is actually a stylus, while
the other end of the pen twists to reveal a red or blue ball-point pen.

The stylus tip is fatter than most I have used, but I like using it. It
writes smoothly on my PDAs’ screens, both with and without protection.

While this in itself might be enough for some – there is even more to
discover about this multi-pen.

As this diagram shows, things aren’t always as they appear.
The Matrix hides a multitude of writing implements…
cross matrix 2
cross matrix 5 The Matrix uses cartridges that can be removed and
reinserted depending on your writing needs.

Here you can see the black ink roller-ball installed in the cartridge,
which is backed with a stylus end. Depending on which end of the cartridge
you insert first in the multi-pen, you will have your choice of writing

By unscrewing the roller-ball and replacing it with the highlighter, you
can totally change the personality of this particular cartridge.

You can keep the highlighter or the roller-ball stored in the body of the
Matrix, which is good for protecting their tips and keeping them from drying
out. Of course that means that the stylus tip will be exposed the majority
of the time. Depending on where you store this multi-pen, that could be
hazardous to the tip – although it is so thick and rounded that I think it
would be difficult to really "hurt" it.

Here is the fountain pen cartridge, which is also backed
with a stylus end. As you can see, the top of the Matrix has been twisted,
exposing one of the two ball-point tips.

You can also store the fountain
pen portion of the cartridge inside the barrel of the Matrix, which will
protect it and keep it from drying out.

cross matrix 3
cross matrix 4 There are so many choices when using the Matrix that I
almost feel embarrassed wishing for one more writing tip: a mechanical

I honestly don’t know where a mechanical pencil would even fit –
it would just be nice to have one in the midst of all these tips…

Here you can see the fountain pen removed from the barrel of
the pen. The stylus tip is now exposed.
cross matrix 6
cross matrix 7 The Matrix is a thick pen, yet it is not heavy. In my hand
it was surprisingly comfortable, and the rubbery surface of the black
plastic bottom felt good while writing.

This pen measures 6" (15.2cm) long
x 0.6" (1.5cm) thick. It weighs 0.8 ounces (23g).

The pocket-clip is nice and fat, which is great for storing it in your
pocket – but can create a problem when you have the pen flipped upside down
to write with the two ball-point tips located in the top. I certainly don’t
recommend using wither of those tips for extended periods of time, but I
also don’t feel that they were designed to be.


cross matrix 8

The Matrix is expensive – there is no way to get around that. But it is also
a very high quality writing implement from a very respected company. I like
using it, and I have to tell you that although I am no expert on fountain pens,
this one is so easy to use that I have discovered that I quite like the

The Cross Matrix
is available at Stylus Central and
other retailers.

Price: $70.00


Amazing selection of writing tips in a single pen
Only multi-pen I know of that includes a fountain pen
Comfortable for extended use


Stylus tip is almost always exposed


Product Information

  • Amazing selection of writing tips in a single pen
  • Only multi-pen I know of that includes a fountain pen
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • Stylus tip is almost always exposed
  • Expensive

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  2. Hi! I’ve been trying to find this pen to buy it for almost a year, but I’m from Argentina and seems to be very few of them in here. Do you know where could I buy it and how much would it cost to me (including delivery)? I hope you could answer me even if you don’t sell this pen. Thaks a lot for this page, it was realy useful to me.

  3. buenas tardes:

    necesito informacion de donde adquirir repuestos y/o servicios de la muti-pen, o alguna sucursal, etc, donde lleve a repararlo ya que no pinta en la punta de aguja.

    saludos cordiales

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