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BlueAnt's recently introduced the Embrace headphones, and they've graciously sent a pair for the Gadgeteer to review this week. These are BlueAnt's first non-Bluetooth headphones, using a standard 1/8" connector, and designed with a focus on sound quality and comfort. They also come with two cables, one regular cable and another with an iPod/iPhone/iPad controller [...]

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I saw over on Engadget that the Windows 8 Developer Preview will be available for download tonight, at 8PM PST. There's no activation and it'll be available for 32bit and 64bit x86 processors. Of course, don't go installing this on a computer you rely on - It's a developer preview and bound to have unknown [...]

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Alternative Future Blackberry?


Looking like a cross between an Atari 800XL and a Blackberry 9900, this device was spotted over on forums. It seems a site called posted a bunch of pictures of this device, and nobody seems to know if this is a prototype, a one-off copy, or ( hopefully not, in my humble opinion [...]

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The Sewell MiniDeck is a small USB display adapter with drivers for OS X and Windows. You connect one end into USB and the other end into a monitor, and just like that you end up with another display without having to add a video card. The connected display won't support 3D acceleration, but it [...]

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I’m reviewing an iPhone 4 case from Mivizu called the Sleek Leather Case in Black Stone. It is part of a collection of cases from Mivizu with 11 different finishes, including carbon fiber, that center on a flip cover case design. I spent a week with this as my only case to get a proper [...]

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Android Central's got a scoop on Dell's roadmap for tablets in 2011, and they're using Android and Windows 7. Three devices are shown, starting with a 10" Android tablet based on nVidia's Tegra T25 and sporting Honeycomb with Dell's Stage 1.5 user interface. Windows 7 is the OS of choice on the other two devices: [...]

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I used to have a Treo and the Palm dock, and I really got used to reading and whatnot while it was plugged into the dock on my desk. Since then I’ve tried to get the same functionality out of my iPhone but never really found a working solution. For example, the Apple dock is [...]

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When I first heard of the Pad & Quill Little Black Book for iPhone ( LBB for short ), it struck me as a great idea. Covered in book-leather, built with strong birch wood, and put together by a family owned Minneapolis company, the LBB is an analog cover to your digital companion. Click on [...]

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By now, 2011, everyone has a number of electronic devices at home that need to be charged. I keep rotating between two different sets of charging options: a special place for each device, like a nightstand or bookcase, or a location on the end of my desk with an snakes nest of cables. The Dock.ID [...]

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All too rarely we get to see a product that does exactly what it promises for a fair price, with good support and a solid design. The BearExtender N3 is that kind of product but only for folks running Mac OS X. They've now released the PC version, called the BearExtender PC, and we're going [...]

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The T-Mobile G2 was finally rooted permanently, and the folks on Engadget pointed to the XDA-Developers forum with the instructions. The big warning about bricking your phone should be understood throughly before even thinking about trying this out on your own G2: WARNING: THIS COULD PERMENANTLY BRICK YOUR PHONE, INSTEAD OF ROOT IT IF YOU [...]

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Koss recently released a new set of headphones, the KEB40's, into the affordable segment of the market. These small, metal, capsule-shaped headphones promise high-fidelity sound and long-lasting quality, but retail for under $30. How do they shape up? Read on for more… Koss's new KEB40's arrived arrived a couple days ago, and I've been testing [...]

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Engadget's been invited to an Apple Event on Oct 20th, at 10am PT. As you can see from the invite, there's a Lion hiding behind that logo making folks think Apple will preview 'Lion': The next version of the Mac OS. Hopefully new Mac hardware will make the rounds too, like a redesigned Mac Pro [...]

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Sony Ericsson LiveView


Sony Ericsson has announced a really cool product called LiveView that hooks a second small 128x128 screen up to your Android phone to display Email, RSS feeds, and more. It's compatible with the Android 2.0, and supports plugins to expand it's features beyond the already impressive list : Facebook is included, it controls the MP3 [...]

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A previous article here on Gadgeteer asked about the state of Android. I'd like to ponder on the state of the tablet: Here we are, almost 10 months after the iPad announcement, quickly approaching Christmas 2010, and where are our options other than the iPad? As far as I can tell, the maybe-soon to be [...]

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12TB NAS for $1899.99?


I saw over on Engadget that Seagate released a new BackArmor NAS 440… That has 12TB of storage in a 4-drive NAS for $1899.99 . No, that's not a type-o : 12TB of storage in a 4-drive array. Somehow the BlackArmor team has snagged the 3TB drives that us regular people can't buy at the [...]

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Wondering what makes that new AppleTV 2 tick? iFixit has the goods, taking apart Apple's new unit and finding out some of the specs that have remained unsaid until now. Some of the new details: The AppleTV ( ATV2 ) does have the A4 chip, with 256MB of RAM, 8GB of flash memory, and an [...]

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Apple Remote 2.0


Apple's released a new version of its Remote app for the iPad/iPhone/Touch family, and it's bringing some long asked-for updates. The biggest one is support for the large iPad screen, making this a true iPad app finally. The other big feature is the Retina Display upgrade, making everything look great on the iPhone 4. Besides [...]

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I saw on Engadget ( Who sourced the link from Electronista ) that Symbain^4 screen shots have been released for the first time, allowing us a glimpse at where this OS is headed.  I checked out Electronista's article and after seeing the screen shots I was checking to make sure this is a recent story. [...]

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Apple had the iPhone 4 'AntennaGate' conference today, talking about the iPhone 4's problems. According to reports, Steve Jobs talked about how all cellular phones have the same antenna problem and he even demonstrated multiple cell phone models showing the 'death-grip' problem on stage. After discussing how this isn't limited to the iPhone, Apple did [...]

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