Nokia Podcasting Application Review

nokia podcasting 1

The Nokia Podcasting application, developed by Nokia comes with the sis file already preloaded onto the memory card of some of the more recent Nokia phones. It’s also free for download from the Nokia website and it’s available for all E or N series phones that have WLAN and is compatible with some others.

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A Week with the Nokia N85 Smartphone – Day 1 & 2

nokia n85 2fp

You know how it is when you get a brand new phone, you have to adjust to the location of its buttons, navigation of menus, etc. That’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of days with the Nokia N85. This part will focus on: First impressions of the user interface Making and receiving calls

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fring Mobile IM Client: Symbian OS Utility

Last week, I discovered that two of the most frequently asked questions we receive are “How can I stay in touch with my IM buddies on my mobile phone?” and “How can I make VoIP calls from my mobile phone?”

So, earlier in the week, fresh from a vacation break, I set out in my quest for the perfect IM client & the perfect VoIP client for mobile phones. I found the solution to *both* the problems in fring.

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Opera Mini v4 Mobile Web Browser

Released in November of last year, the latest offering of Opera Mini, version 4, hasn’t really sent shockwaves through the World of cell phones. Whilst the iPhone browser (which I think is very annoying!) has been hailed as a revolutionary success, Mini has taken the sidelines slightly, but as I have learned, this isn’t really a position it deserves.

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