12TB NAS for $1899.99?

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ba nas440 rightangle open 320x340I saw over on Engadget that Seagate released a new BackArmor NAS 440… That has 12TB of storage in a 4-drive NAS for $1899.99 . No, that’s not a type-o : 12TB of storage in a 4-drive array. Somehow the BlackArmor team has snagged the 3TB drives that us regular people can’t buy at the store yet, and stuffed four of them into the 12TB NAS 440. And it’s available now, for shipping to you. For the raid-ologists, this equals around 9TB of usable space in a RAID5 array, but then your collection of legally ripped DVD’s will be protected against a drive failure. And there’s more…

Seagate’s created a little monster here: they designed this NAS with a 1.2GHz processor, 256MB of RAM, two gigabit ethernet ports, and four USB ports. This is basically a server-lite: It does SMB, FTP, HTTP, supports Bonjour, hooks into Active Directory, and even does encryption on drives! It support iTunes steaming, you can hook external drives into the 4 USB ports to add storage or backup the main array, and it even includes 10 backup software licenses for Windows clients. Maybe it’s just sticker shock ( in a good way ), but this NAS 440 12TB is an incredibly capable network storage device with an insane amount of storage for an amazing price. You can also start your storage empire with the entry model 440: The NAS 440 starts around $850 with 4TB  and goes up to 12TB at $1899.99. Check them out at Seagate’s site: BlackArmor 440

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  2. I had a BlackArmor fail on me before. Not the drives but the actual BlackArmor hardware. Right now I’m using Drobo instead. Works great!

  3. As long as we’re talking NAS…I’ve been pretty happy with the 2 Thecus 4100 Pros we’re running here. They’ve been very, very reliable.

  4. Well I should know how this works in a month or two, Got a client that will be using it as a secondary backup.

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