iPhone 4 case

During the 90’s, when cell phones were becoming all the rage, the belt clip for phones became a status symbol of sorts. Since phones started out so large that they wouldn’t fit in a pocket, clipping them to a belt (or hiding them in a fanny pack) was an acceptable way to transport them. Even… Read More

No matter how careful you are, you’re going to drop your phone at some point.  If you tend to not be so careful, or you have a job or hobbies that pose a risk for your phone, you need a protective case.  The iPhone 4 Bullfrogz Case from iFrogz will protect your device from the… Read More

HEX has expanded their line from watchband cases for iPod nano to include bags and accessories, like this iPhone 4 case.  HEX says they designed the wallet for men who aren’t into the “man bag”, but I think the wallet will appeal to women, too.  The HEX Code Wallet is made of genuine leather.  The… Read More

At least the back of your iPhone 4 can look like a communicator.  The folks at Cafe Press have a variety of iPhone 4 cases that are designed in the style of the communicators used throughout the various iterations of the series and movies.  Some of the cases are silicone, and others are slider cases… Read More

Twelvesouth has built a portfolio of elegant, well-designed products, and the BookBook for iPhone is no exception.  Taking a page from the BookBook for iPad, BookBook for Air (MacBook Air, that is), and BookBook (for Macbook Pro) it’s a novel case + wallet for the iPhone 4 that looks like a small, vintage book.  Sporting… Read More

Is your iPhone 4 part of your essential EDC (Everyday Carry) items?  Are you a minimalist?  If the answer is yet, they have a look at the Speck CandyShell Card case.  Speck took their CandyShell case for the iPhone 4 and added a rubberized slot on the backside for up to three credit card-sized items. … Read More

After I finally got an iPhone, I was torn between the desire to leave it uncovered so I could see its beauty and the need to protect it from bumps and scratches.  I bought an Apple Bumper Case the same day I got my iPhone 4, but I’m always willing to try out a new… Read More

The andgod shop at Etsy has a line of silicone covers that turns your iPhone 4 into a Gameboy.  The cases are made of 3mm silicone, and they are available in a variety of colors.  Prices range from about $7.00 to about $13.00… Read More

I’m reviewing an iPhone 4 case from Mivizu called the Sleek Leather Case in Black Stone. It is part of a collection of cases from Mivizu with 11 different finishes, including carbon fiber, that center on a flip cover case design. I spent a week with this as my only case to get a proper… Read More

You choose a sleek new smartphone, then the internal war begins:  case or no case? Cases can obscure the looks that attracted you to the phone in the first place or make it much heavier.  Or you find out that all those features drain your battery so quickly that you can’t make it through a… Read More

snow peak is an outdoor gear manufacturer out of Japan. They create high end camping and hiking gear: shelters, stoves, grills, lanterns, etc. They have just announced that they will be selling a titanium iPhone 4 cover beginning this July. The cover is made of 100% titanium and weighs less than 0.6oz. The cover is… Read More

Hipstamatic, that addictive app that lets you “vintage-ize” photos taken with your iOS device, has joined forces with Agent 18 to create the HipstaCase 100.  Just slide in your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4th gen and your device will be protected while masquerading as a little black camera with an old-school style.  The HipstaCase… Read More

The LifeProof Company has developed an iPhone 4 case that will protect your phone from dirt, snow, water, and shock.  The LifeProof iPhone 4 case is made of a combination of materials that protect your phone while adding only 1 ounce of weight and 1/16th inch of thickness.  This case is designed to military specifications. … Read More

When I first heard of the Pad & Quill Little Black Book for iPhone ( LBB for short ), it struck me as a great idea. Covered in book-leather, built with strong birch wood, and put together by a family owned Minneapolis company, the LBB is an analog cover to your digital companion. Click on… Read More

I recently told you about the Etch A Sketch iPad case from Headcase.  These folks have been busy working to create other officially licensed cases, like this Etch A Sketch case for the iPhone 4.  This strong, durable case is made of impact-resistant plastic and comes complete with the immediately-recognizable white knobs.  There are openings… Read More

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