BookBook for iPhone: Novel, Vintage Style

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twelvesouth bookbookforiphoneTwelvesouth has built a portfolio of elegant, well-designed products, and the BookBook for iPhone is no exception.  Taking a page from the BookBook for iPad, BookBook for Air (MacBook Air, that is), and BookBook (for Macbook Pro) it’s a novel case + wallet for the iPhone 4 that looks like a small, vintage book.  Sporting a handmade leather cover, the inside has a holder for your iPhone 4 on the right (with all ports fully exposed for access except the camera, and you just can slide the iPhone up a bit for a pic) and three slots on the left—two slots for cards and one window slot for your ID.  $59.99.

6 thoughts on “BookBook for iPhone: Novel, Vintage Style”

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  2. RainyDayInterns

    We usually like their stuff…both the iPad holder and the Compass are very well made and get a lot of use.

    However, this case, while looks great, is a bit odd for a phone…unless you always use it with a headset or in speaker mode. Otherwise, you would look like you have a book up against you head when using it for a call 🙂

  3. This actually looks pretty neat. I would definitely get it if I had an iphone. Hope they make one for the next iphone 4S/5.

  4. Very nice products indeed, but after swapping emails with the company, no room for options in terms of shipping to Canada, essentially making the product quite expensive. I’m sorry to says that I was looking forward to it, but now I’m disappointed to say that I’ll have to pass… At least you know now 😉

  5. RainyDayInterns

    Yes…because we missed talking into the old-style bricks of the likes of the Motorola MicroTAC.

    Saw the video…still looks like talking into a wallet, but did like the “periscope” action when taking a snap 🙂

  6. I actually just got one, and I have to say it looks and feels great! When answering the phone, you fold the front back, and you actually feel a nice grip to it. I also find myself using a bluetooth headset more often any way.

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