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JustMobileLounge Review OneI used to have a Treo and the Palm dock, and I really got used to reading and whatnot while it was plugged into the dock on my desk. Since then I’ve tried to get the same functionality out of my iPhone but never really found a working solution. For example, the Apple dock is nice as long as you don’t mind fighting your case on and off when you plug your iPhone in. I’ve tried some other third party docks and stands, but the case or the charging cable is a constant problem. The Just Mobile Lounge gets around this problem, and looks good doing it too. Read on to hear about this desktop stand that also does dashboards.

JustMobileLounge Review TwoThe Just Mobile Lounge is an aluminum stand crafted by the Danish company tools®, and it’s setup to hold your iPhone on your desk and your dashboard using a unique mounting device. The Lounge is a circular base with a shapely arm attached off to one side, ending in a foam rubber gripping device. The dashboard connector is a circular metal disk with embedded rubber gasket that attaches to the bottom of the Lounge. The bottom ‘clicks’ in with a push and is secured with the rubber gasket. The only permanent piece on your dashboard is the mounting disk, around the size of a silver dollar.

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JustMobileLounge Review ThreeThe grip itself is what makes this stand most attractive to me. The metal arm ends in a large metal ‘gripper’, which is much larger than your iPhone but filled with a dense foam-rubber material that actually does the gripping work. Putting your iPhone in the device is easy, even with a case, your just push it into the hand and it ‘pops’ in. The friction caused by the foam rubber keeps the iPhone secure even while bouncing around on bad roads.

JustMobileLounge Review FourThe ability to keep it secure without too much pressure is really appreciated. Any case that’s roughly the same size as the iPhone itself will work, including bumpers and most ‘Skin’ cases. The arm on the Lounge also rotates, so you can quickly move the iPhone into landscape or portage mode by just rotating the device, and it locks in 90 degree increments. Although the rotational movement is nice, the arm itself doesn’t change it’s angle and that is the only big problem with the device.

JustMobileLounge Review FiveUsing the stand on my desk, I first noticed that the angle is too low. Much too low, although you can angle the iPhone inside the grip. The base of the Lounge has a rubber disk on it about where the default angle of the iPhone dictates where the phone will rest. On a desk, it’s about 20 degrees too low and it also led to problems of being both too low and too high in cars. The flexibility of the foam rubber grip on the Lounge does let you angle the iPhone to get around this somewhat, but the iPhone isn’t as stable on these off angles.

JustMobileLounge Review SixOther that the issue with the arm’s inability to move, the Lounge is pretty nice. The finish of the Lounge is really slick, with a clean and elegant design that looks great anywhere. The foam rubber grip is so far my favorite iPhone ‘grip’, and the dashboard connector worked pretty well too. The only issue is the angle, and it’s a pretty big issue, but even with that in mind I’ve found the Just Mobile Lounge still really useful. It’s not too expensive, and the dual car/office usability justify the $40. Ultimately, the fact I can keep my case on while using the stand makes feel it’s worth it.

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Product Information

Manufacturer:Just Mobile
  • iPhone
  • Excellent iPhone Grip
  • Beautiful Design
  • Strong / Durable
  • Useful dashboard mounting device
  • Diameter of base a little large
  • Arm doesn't change vertical angle

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