HERO wireless earbuds, Kershaw pocket knives, news from IFA, Clearstream antennas, and more – Weekly roundup


Hi Gadgeteers! Are you having a nice weekend? I hope most of you are fortunate enough to have a long weekend and don’t have to work on Monday (Labor Day). Jeanne and I are on a weekend trip at Turkey Run State Park hiking some scenic trails. Right now we’re sitting in log chairs in front of a little cabin that we’ve rented. It’s very relaxing. If you need an excuse to kick back for a few minutes, click through to see a list of everything that we’ve posted this week.




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  • Mark Rosengarten September 10, 2017, 10:32 am

    Actually, I am sitting on my couch with my Macbook in my lap…I just got it as a backup machine, as my Pro needed to be sent in for repair. I am loving this tiny little machine a LOT. Do I wish it had a second USB port? Hell, yeah…but for the vast majority of what I will be using this thing for I don’t mind at all. I wanted an iPad-with-keyboard sized device that ran a full OS and this is it.

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