MicroBot will push your buttons and you’ll like it

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Do you have a button that needs to be pushed at a specific time each day? Or do you wish it wasn’t necessary to get up from the couch to turn off your old school ceiling lights? Then you need a robot to do the button pressing for you and the MicroBot Push might be the perfect little robot for the job.

The MicroBot Push is a robot who does only one thing. It presses buttons. However, it can press buttons however they need to be pressed and whenever they need to be pressed. This little robot can make dumb devices with buttons suddenly smart devices with buttons. It can even work with touch screens!

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MicroBot Push pairs with an app on your smartphone so you can setup scheduled activity. The great thing is that you won’t even have to be nearby for the robot to do its thing.

At only $49.99, the MicroBot Push is an affordable automation gadget that will be joined next year with a MicroBot Twist that can turn knobs. You can read more about the Push and Twist at prota.info and you can order the Push now from Amazon.

5 thoughts on “MicroBot will push your buttons and you’ll like it”

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    1. Ha! Great minds thing alike! I thought of that when I was writing the post and almost added it but wasn’t sure if everyone would get the reference since the show has been off the air for awhile. 😉

  2. I have been wondering how I could get my ceiling fan to work with Alexa. We just replaced our old ceiling fan that had 4 regular bulbs hanging below with an ultra modern LED ceiling fan. We had Philips Hue bulbs in the old fan so we could ask Alexa to turn the lights on and off while keeping our butts in the chair. The fan is usually on 99.9% of the time here in Texas. The old fan also had the chains and worked off wall switches. The new fan only works off a remote control. There is a wall switch, however that turns both the light and the fan off at the same time. Not good. So now we have to find the remote (which is always by the other chair darn it) to control the lights. Plus when I walk into the main room when I wake up I can’t just turn on the light easily.

    So the idea would be if this switch works with Alexa, we just set it up in a permanent spot and then we can tell alexa to press the button to turn off the light.

    Anyone else have this particular situation? Ideas?

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