Turn your free weights into kettle bells with Kettle Gryps

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kettle gryp

Setting up a home gym can quickly become expensive when buying a variety of fitness equipment. All that workout gear can take up a lot of space as well. One way to cut down how much you spend and how much space you need for your equipment is to turn your existing free weights / dumbbells into kettle bells with a Kettle Gryp.

A Kettle Gryp is an adapter made of light weight ABS plastic that snaps around an ordinary dumbbell o provide a handle that allows the dumbbell to mimic a kettle bell.

Kettle Gryps are made in the USA, are portable, and are priced at $34.95 from Amazon. Get one and get sweaty.

7 thoughts on “Turn your free weights into kettle bells with Kettle Gryps”

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  2. OMG!! Definitely getting this!! I have so many dumbbells and was thinking of getting kettle bells but didn’t want double of practically the “same thing” just with different grip. Placing my order now…

      1. Three things I would keep in mind:

        1) This won’t really function like a kettlebell, because the center of gravity on a dumbbell is different. A kettlebell has all of the weight concentrated in the bell, and even with grips attached to a dumbbell it’s a bit of a different feel.

        2) I would make damn sure it has a strong grip before you do any swings or ballistic movements. You don’t want to send a dumbbell flying mid-swing. And ballistic movements put a lot of strain on the handles; the only time i’ve heard of a kettlebell breaking at the handle is during swings.

        3) This might be a good way to learn some movements, but if you enjoy kettlebell movements you’re better off investing in a kettlebell. If you’re patient and wait for a sale, you could easily pick up a 16kg (35lb) kettlebell for the same price as these. Plus I would not want to do snatches with a dumbbell impersonating a kettlebell, if you don’t have the catch movement down cold at the top of the movement I would imagine a dumbbell would hurt like hell slamming into your wrist wrong (not that a kettlebell doesn’t, but it’s a rounded surface, not a long metal rod).

        These do look cool, but they aren’t the same as real kettlebells, and really, really check the strength before you start tossing around a heavy dumbbell.

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