The SureFire FirePak puts 1500 Lumen on the back of your iPhone

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iPhones take pretty decent low light pictures, but they don’t do that well capturing low light video. If you’re tired of dark grainy videos, shine some light on your subject with a SureFire FirePak illuminator.

The SureFire FirePak is a 4.6-inch illuminator that clips to the back of an iPhone 5, 6, or 7 series iPhones with a special included case.

The FirePak features two high-performance LEDs that have an output up to 1500 lumens and a reach of 50 feet. The light has four brightness levels that can be customised using an app on your phone or manually with a side switch on the side.

With mega brightness comes a mega price tag of $299.00 when you buy it through SureFire’s site, but if you order through Amazon, it’s only $149.00.

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