One look and you might automatically love the Kershaw Launch 4 Automatic pocket knife

If you are anything like me, finding something to use as an EDC isn’t always the easiest task.  Often I go through multiple options before finding the device, gadget, bag or in this case pocket knife that works for me.  I have drawers full of failed EDC ideas that didn’t work for me for one reason or another. 

Now I really like pocket knives but I am not a huge collector of them.  I buy blades that I intend on using and like having one with me most of the time.  My day job is in a corporate setting where slacks and wingtips seem to be the unofficial uniform, making the search for an understated yet useful pocket knife a difficult task.  I have a plethora (for all you Three Amigos! fans out there) of knives that are right at home with a pair of jeans and boots but was never happy with them as an EDC to the office.

Recently I came across the Kershaw Launch 4 automatic knife.  Before running out and buying one of these, please check your state’s knife laws for automatic knives.  The overall length is just 5.10″ and the blade length is 1.90″ making this legal in the state of California.  The action is incredibly fast and precise and the blade and handle are much sturdier than you would expect from such a pint sized piece.  The blade is made from CPM-154 and the handle is solid aluminum.  It is a right-hand carry knife that blends right in with my daily attire and is now one of the items that I never leave home without.  Available in a myriad of colors the MSRP is about $130 but most every knife dealer or store has them for around $75.  A real bargain for such a useful little knife in my opinion.

This knife is available in a myriad of colors with an MSRP of about $130, but most every knife dealer or store has them for around $75.  A real bargain for such a useful little knife in my opinion.

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Source: The knife in this article was purchased with my own funds. Please visit Kershaw for more info.

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  • Jess September 1, 2017, 6:12 pm

    I work in a slacks environment too, and hesitant as I was to try anything other than Cold Steel, I recently picked up a Gerber Pocket Square, which has a modern sophisticated form factor and the reversible pocket clip allows the knife to sit very deeply in the pocket. I don’t expect it to last forever given the price point, but it was different and attractive and is up to the task of anything likely to crop up in an office environment.

    • Ryan Pagel September 10, 2017, 2:44 pm

      How do you like that Gerber? I have had a few of their knives because I loved the design but because of the price point, they always failed or were very quick to lose their edge. Next time you are looking for an understated knife for the office carry, id recommend checking this one out. Best office knife I have come across yet. Another great one is the Microtech UT-70. It is an out the front automatic and an absolute stud of a knife. they are much more expensive and have a cult following so can be hard to find one for sale.

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