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Have you ever needed a pair of tweezers, scissors or a ruler while out and about? How about a magnifying glass, light or screw driver? What if you could carry all these items and more in your wallet? You can, if you carry the Victorinox SwissCard Lite. The SwissCard Lite is a credit card-sized device [...]

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Netgear ReadyNAS Management Console - Automatic Power Shutdown and Startup Configuration Screen

In today's connected home we take pictures digitally, listen to digital audio on our MP3 players, and download and watch digital movies on our HD TV’s.  All of these digital media files take up a copious amount of space and the growth of these files is outpacing our ability to store and protect them.  Thankfully, [...]

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GoodSync2Go Review


I'm an enthusiastic proponent of backing up your systems, so when I was offered the opportunity to check out GoodSync2GO, I took a shot at it.  There are a plethora of programs/utilities that say they will painlessly save your data without having to think about it and I wanted to see where GoodSync2Go fits in.  [...]

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All the gear I can fit in this bag!

As you all know, I have been searching for the ultimate gear bag for years.  I posted a glowing review of the Duluth Traders Fire Hose Field Bag just a few weeks ago, and that was the best bag I had seen.  I bought an Asus eeePC 900HA (one of the last available 9” netbooks) [...]

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Mendelini’s iPhone App – Glance

Mendelini's Glance App for iPhone and iPod Touch

When I got an iPhone, I abandoned the harsh wake up of my old alarm clock. (Love the “Harp” sound…) One of the first things I do in the morning is check the weather and read the online news. With Mendelini’s iPhone app, Glance, I can see the time, the weather and a scrolling RSS [...]

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The Palm Centro. Small. Cheap. Powerful. No Notepad program.

Ah, Palm... I know things are not going that great for you right now, but come on- leaving NotePad off the Centro? Forcing thousands of your devoted fans to use (shiver) pencils and paper for quick notes? You might think that Voice Memo is good enough, but one cannot scribble the design for a working Flux Capacitor in Voice Memo now, can one?


Butler – Palm OS Utility

The Palm Centro is an amazing device for its price and size. I love mine almost unconditionally- almost. Today, I am going to rant about a couple of the things that bug me.


With the nearly endless number of usernames, passwords, web logins, bank accounts,
credit card numbers, software licenses, and other sensitive/personal data everyone
has to have these days to keep up in the digital age, I long ago turned towards
a secure/encrypted password manager. It is the ONLY way I can keep track of
all the electronic accessibility and critical information I need to keep with me 24/7.
Plus the fact one must keep personal information secure with the constant threat
of identity and cyber theft, I do not see how folks can live without a (mobile
&/or desktop) program like these.

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Hobbyist Software is
now on my official list of "Good places for Centro/Treo software",
and their browser/launcher Initiate Pro is
an example of why.


Hobbyist Software offers a great line of software for the Palm
Treo and
Centro user, and some of it can even be used for other Palms. When I asked for some codes so I could trial their products for a long enough time to figure them out, they were very helpful. They started me with Initiate Pro and Power Hero. I am still learning about Initiate Pro, so let's look at Power Hero.

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I have thought of myself as a Palm Power User since the days of my old Handspring Visor Deluxe (Ice), back when cell phones were big bricks and Windows was an unstable annoying platform. Now, I am using a Palm Centro Smartphone, cell phones are in danger of vanishing as they get smaller, and Windows...


One of my favorite mobile apps is ShoZu. So when Julie asked me to do a piece on a *really* useful mobile app, I didn't have to look too far.

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GMail Mobile

One of the perpetually unresolved debates among web users and observers alike is, "Who among the big three – Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail and Gmail – has the best email service?"

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One of the great things about PDA's is the ability to carry a huge library of books in electronic form. I must have a couple hundred books on mine, ranging from reference to how-to to light fiction. It is sweet to be able to carry 20-30 pounds worth of paper in a few ounces of electronics!

Many Palm users use this ability to carry one or more versions of the Bible with them- makes those cute, little, nearly impossible to read 'pocket-sized' Bibles obsolete! There are many options for 'e-Bibles', from iPod versions to MP3 spoken versions to e-texts that can be read by most text readers, to dedicated readers with special tools for the job. These last versions are what we will look at here.


Last week, I discovered that two of the most frequently asked questions we receive are "How can I stay in touch with my IM buddies on my mobile phone?" and "How can I make VoIP calls from my mobile phone?"

So, earlier in the week, fresh from a vacation break, I set out in my quest for the perfect IM client & the perfect VoIP client for mobile phones. I found the solution to *both* the problems in fring.

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A while back, I posted an article about my beloved Palm T/X and how it was doing after a couple years of use. (See the article here.) One major finding was the loss of calibration that was driving me crazy- I had to literally tap the very bottom edge of the screen to access the lower row of buttons.


Released in November of last year, the latest offering of Opera Mini, version 4, hasn’t really sent shockwaves through the World of cell phones. Whilst the iPhone browser (which I think is very annoying!) has been hailed as a revolutionary success, Mini has taken the sidelines slightly, but as I have learned, this isn’t really a position it deserves.

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Dear Santa,

I have been a really good boy this last year. A really, really good boy. I swear I had nothing to do with the Gadgeteer site crash incident!

Anyway, here is my list of the utilities I think you should bring all good Palm users. (I did thank you for the Palm Tx a couple years ago, didn't I?). In order to keep the list manageable, I have broken it up into sections. Here is the Palm Utilities section.

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Being an overweight diabetic is a pain in a lot of ways, but one of the biggest is the ongoing job of trying to lose weight- which always seems to find its way home. I welcome any tool in the fight, and CalorieKing's Handheld Diet Diary was brought to my attention as a possible ally.


One of my favorite MS-DOS applications was a program called InfoSelect. InfoSelect gave me a functionally endless stack of small note cards and a great search tool. Make a note, any kind- contacts information, scheduling details, grocery list, books to find, phone messages, etc.- and InfoSelect would store it for you, and find it in a heartbeat. To sweeten the pot, you could create reusable forms, color-code things, and much more. It was sweet.