Sony has extended their Walkman product line with the Z Series Mobile Media Player.  This Android 2.3 powered Mobile Media Player has a 4.3” touch screen, runs on a dual core mobile processor, has built-in WiFi / Bluetooth, micro HDMI port, and has Sony’s S-Master MX audio technology to deliver a crisp audio experience.  It [...]

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So, the Amazon “Kindle Fire” tablet is now reality and I believe it will be a big seller. At $199 it is within shouting distance of that “no brainer” gadget purchase price. Best of all, for us consumers, Amazon is forcing the rest of the tablet market to prove their value and “reason for being”. [...]

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Sony recently announced two new tablets:  the Sony Tablet S and a foldable Sony Tablet P.  Sony says they both "run the latest Android platform."  The Tablet S is a 9.4" touchscreen device, and it is available for pre-order now.  With it, you can access PlayStation games, Sony Reader eBooks, music and new release movies through [...]

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Smartphones with slide out keyboards are not unusual. But the same can't be said about a smartphone with a slide out gaming controller. The Sony Xperia PLAY (aka the Playstation Phone) from Sony Ericsson and Verizon Wireless is an Android powered smartphone for those of you that love to play games but aren't so thrilled [...]

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Sony announced today that they will be releasing two tablets using Android 3.0 (Honeycomb). I could not find a press release on the English site, but I did find on on the Japanese site. With a little help from Google translate I learned there are two models planned, both for release in fall of 2011, [...]

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Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson has announced a really cool product called LiveView that hooks a second small 128x128 screen up to your Android phone to display Email, RSS feeds, and more. It's compatible with the Android 2.0, and supports plugins to expand it's features beyond the already impressive list : Facebook is included, it controls the MP3 [...]

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On August 25th, Sony held a small reception for members of the press and public to showcase their upcoming product lines for the holiday season.  You better really like 3D, because it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, and it's going to be pervasive come the 2010 holidays. The Sony offerings were confined [...]

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Sony just announced their latest cameras in the Alpha line of DSLRs, the a55 and a33. Both utilize a new technology that uses a translucent mirror that does not have to move resulting in maximum frames per second of 10 from the a55 and 7 from the a33. They both can record 1080 60i compatible video [...]

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Sony has recently revealed a brand new style of Walkman music player.  Worn like a neckband, it's been specially designed for the fitness fans amongst us, so that when you're working out, there are no cables for you to get wrapped up in!   The player, which looks like a Bluetooth headset, is worn around the neck [...]

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Sony have just announced details on their new BDP-S470 and BDP-S570 Blu-ray players – the company’s first commercially available 3D players. The entry-level BDP-S470 will be upgradeable to 3D Blu-ray via a software update, however the BDP-S570 will come 3D-ready, straight out of the box. All you need to do is connect either up to a 3D TV and they’ll deliver full [...]

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Sony Pocket Edition reader in optional premium case

In September, 2009, I posted a review of the new Sony Touch Edition reader (PRS-600).  That reader has a touch screen, dictionary, note-taking abilities, and it retails for $299.99.  It’s a fabulous reader, but it does have a problem with screen glare.  It’s also expensive and has some features that many people don’t want to [...]

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New Sony Alpha Concept

Sony is announcing a number of new products at the PMA 2010 conference. What caught my eye were the new Alpha concepts. These are compact cameras with interchangeable lenses directed squarely at the Micro Four Thirds segment pioneered by Panasonic and Olympus. According to the announcement, they are planning to release them this year, but are still fine-tuning the cameras. [...]

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Looks like a lot of folks that received Sony Readers were faced with issues downloading the latest update of the Reader library on Christmas. I had procrastinated updating mine, so I faced the same issue yesterday. Fortunately it is all working fine today at I'm not sure how to take the outage. On the [...]

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Last month, news of two new Sony readers leaked when someone found repair manuals for new devices called the PRS-300 and the PRS-600.  Gadget sites were rife with speculation about these devices and when they’d be released.  Sony quickly confirmed that these new devices would be released at the end of August, and they even [...]

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Sony are to announce a new version their fantastic Playstation Portable games console this week at the E3 Video Games show in Los Angeles. Videos and photos of the 'PSP Go' have already been leaked on-line, revealing a much smaller and lightweight console, compared to the PSP Lite and PSP 3000.  The new model has also [...]

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