New Sony X-series Walkman has a built in Slacker Radio app

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The new X-series Sony Walkman personal audio and video device has a 3 inch OLED touchscreen and a Slacker Radio application built in to it. The player comes with special noise canceling earbuds and is Sony’s first Walkman product with Wi-Fi integration. The device looks really sexy, but the $399 price for only 32GB is a bit too spicy for my blood.

5 thoughts on “New Sony X-series Walkman has a built in Slacker Radio app”

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  2. Interesting. I wonder if you still have to use sony’s music match software for this thing. In the past, their software has been really slow to convert the music into Sony’s format. Hopefully we can just drag and drop music into this thing. One thing I will give Sony credit for is their included headphones. These are by far the best sounding headphones that come with an MP3 player.

  3. The headphones appear to be the same as the ones which came on the NWS-700 series (these were stick players with voice recorder; FM radio; and built-in noise cancelling provided you used their earphones in sizes of 1M, 2M and 4M. BTW, the 4M never made it across the pond).

    The earphones have a notch in the jack which make them unusable in anything but the Sony player, and they are wonderful, but do not last very long because they are ‘in ear’ and there is no method of ‘protecting them’ (cf. Sure’s cleaning kit). I have been through 3 pairs in less than a year.

    The 700’s used to use Sonic Stage, which doesn’t play well with Winamp on an XP system. I don’t know whether this product will require Sonic Stage. I was using the Sony for listening to Podcasts while walking (or exercising) due to its small size and presence of a screen, but I ultimately switched to a Sansa clip which has a brighter OLED screen and works with any earphones.

    These earphones are also the ‘top end’ (physically, not qualitatively) of Sony’s noise cancelling earphones — they’ve just embedded the external circuitry from their noise cancelling earphones into the MP3 player.

    One plus I should mention is that these players can handle Apple’s AAC files, which many other players cannot.

  4. Yes Jons correct the NWZ models have drag and drop.
    I think it was made as av ipod killer. Good price vs ipod,
    Good storage size vs ipod so it serves its perpose.

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