Vaja tempts with leather goodness for the Sony Vaio P

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Ooooh, look at this. Vaja has just announced the Slim Jacket for the Sony Vaio P notebook. Seeing this makes me want to buy the Vaio P. And the Vaja case… Must.resist.must.remain.strong. Where’s my Visa card? 😉

5 thoughts on “Vaja tempts with leather goodness for the Sony Vaio P”

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  2. I got the Sony Vaio P notebook. Works great for its size. I think the vaja jacket for the Vaio P targets girls instead of guys. Makes it look like a clutch purse. Don’t get me wrong…I do love vaja cases. Have a few of them myself.

  3. I just cant understand why this thing is so expensive (Vaio P). I mean if you have the money then go right ahead. I thought that Netbooks were made to be affordable… This little thing should not cost the same as a well-rounded 17inch Laptop. But they are beautiful I must say.

    1. @Ava Cado The reason why it is so expensive is the same reason why Apple laptops are so expensive – people will buy them regardless of the price. It’s the brand name, the flashy features, etc. My tongue was planted firmly in my cheek when I said I was trying to find my credit card to buy one. While I’d love to have one to play with, I don’t need one. I already have 2 other netbooks in the house that were way less money.

  4. Whoever said ‘netbooks’ had to be cheap? Vaio P is basically a new version of Sony’s Picturebook series, which were much more expensive than this. You are also paying for the tech. Tell me which netbook, or even a normal ultraportable, that has a 1600×768 resolution screen?

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