The camera on my iPhone 6 Plus is okay, but it’s no where as good as my Nikon D5100 DSLR.  The camera on my iPad is no where near as good as the camera on my iPhone.  Sometimes you have to use the camera you have with you, and often that’s not the Nikon because it’s… Read More

I’ve purchased remote shutter releases for all of the Nikon DSLRs that I own.  Some are wireless, some are wired, but they all require me to push a button to get a photo – and that’s all it can do.  With the Triggertrap cable and an app for your smart phone (most versions of iPhone… Read More

I own a Canon 5D Mark III dSLR full-frame camera and I adore it beyond measure but it does not have a built-in intervalometer for taking time-lapse shots.  Enter the CamRanger!  This little battery-powered gadget creates an Ad-Hoc WiFi network that connects your camera to your Android or iOS device through a free app.  Not… Read More

Until recently I kept away from DSLRs, they were just to big for me to lug around and as such my last 4 cameras have been point and shoots.  This meant missing out on a lot of manual settings and flexibility , but better to have a camera with you rather than not having one… Read More

You hear the horror stories about taking your gadgets with you traveling…..slash and grabs, cutting holes into your bags, straight theft.  Pacsafe is the brainchild of two Aussie travelers and produce a line of products that help keep your gear safe.  Their range includes adventure backpacks, urban and leisure bags, women’s bags, photography bags, motorcycle… Read More

Need a bigger view screen or want touch control of your Canon EOS DSLR ??? Currently still in Beta/Prerelease, Chainfire from XDA has released DSLR Controller ( Beta ). Full control of your Canon EOS SDSLR from your phone or tablet through USB. Check it out on the Android Market. Currently $8.55  This will go… Read More

Those who follow The Gadgeteer will know that Timbuk2 is one of those products that always get favourable reviews.  Hot on the tail of their Snoop Messenger, Timbuk2 has released their Snoop Backpack. With adjustable inserts, pockets galore for all your camera accessories, tripod straps and even a padded notebook compartment for up to a… Read More

All photographers will agree that carrying a DSLR camera with a shoulder strap gets pretty annoying when your hand gets tangled up with the strap just when you want to snap a shot.  I first saw the Capture Camera Clip System on Kickstarter and it looked great.  The idea was simple.  Make a clip that… Read More

Sony just announced their latest cameras in the Alpha line of DSLRs, the a55 and a33. Both utilize a new technology that uses a translucent mirror that does not have to move resulting in maximum frames per second of 10 from the a55 and 7 from the a33. They both can record 1080 60i compatible video… Read More