DxO ONE turns your iOS device into a DSLR

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The camera on my iPhone 6 Plus is okay, but it’s no where as good as my Nikon D5100 DSLR.  The camera on my iPad is no where near as good as the camera on my iPhone.  Sometimes you have to use the camera you have with you, and often that’s not the Nikon because it’s just too big to carry everywhere.  With the DxO ONE, I could have a DSLR-quality camera that’s small enough to fit in my pocket.  You just pop out its Lightning adapter and plug it into the iPhone or iPad, and the ONE uses the iOS device and its app as the viewfinder and user interface for the 20.2MP DxO ONE camera.

There are far more details and tech specs for the DxO ONE than I can list here, so you’ll need to go read more for yourself.  The “TL;dr” synopsis is that this tiny 2.7″ X 1.9″ X 1″ camera has a high quality, 6-element aspherical lens (maximum aperture of f/1.8 down to f/11), an adjustable 6-blade iris, 1″ CMOS-BSI sensor, ISO 100 – 51,200, a 32mm equivalent focal length, 1/8000 – 15 second shutter speed, autofocus, and much more.  It takes still shots in .JPG, .DNG, and their own proprietary .DxO SuperRAW and video in .MOV files in 1080p (30 fps) or 720p (120fps) mode.  The ONE can rotate +/- 60o, and it can even tell when you are in selfie mode.  It’s powered with a lithium-ion battery that’s good for about 200 shots between charges.

With purchase of the ONE, you’ll receive DxO’s DxO FilmPack and (for a limited time) the Elite Edition of DxO OpticsPro photo editing software.  You can pre-order the DxO ONE now for $599 with shipping in September 2015.  If you’d prefer, you can leave your email address at DxO Lab‘s website to be notified when the ONE is available.

25 thoughts on “DxO ONE turns your iOS device into a DSLR”

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  2. This looks like a good idea except the connection seems to the weak link. The camera needs to have something more to attach to the phone. I am not sure which is going to break first, the iPhone port or the camera connector.

    1. The ISO and shutter speed are impressive. The 32mm/f1.8 sounds pretty good. Their site says it has a 1″ sensor, which is not bad. Just no interchangeable lenses.

    1. I can’t see that happening unless there is a government mandate requiring it (like in Europe, which they solve by providing free adapters) Apple gets to charge royalties and licensing fees for every legitimate accessory that uses that adapter. It’s a major source of income for them. And I’m SURE it’s 100% coincidental (cough) that apple introduced the lighting connector at the same time the patents expired for the 30pin dock connector. This connector also gives apple control of what devices are allowed to be manufactured, So I can’t see apple ever willingly giving up this control or income anytime soon.

  3. I think at that price I would rather pickup an nice high end DSLR (maybe slightly used) and keep it hidden in the trunk of my car. That is if I really needed access to very high quality cameras in a pinch.

  4. Michael Chastain

    For less money you can get something like the last generation Sony RX100 which will almost assuredly take far better pictures, be more versatile, and be nearly as portable. I’m not really sure I see the point.

  5. The problems I see with this are, the PRICE. For that amount of money, you can get a darn good “super zoom”, or an inexpensive “last years” consumer dSLR. Also, I’d be worried, considering how people treat their smart devices, of damaging the connector. Also, a proprietary RAW format, may not have the proper camera raw file for photoshop/lightroom. Smartphones are for snapshots, not photographs. Until the day they start stuffing at a minimum, APS-C sensors, along with a real good quality piece of glass in front of the sensor, there is physically no way they will reach the depth of field, clarity (without software tricks) of even the most inexpensive consumer dSLR.

  6. I don’t see how they can justify this price when a Sony RX100, a whole camera with an equally good sensor and a better lens, can be had for less. A few people will think it worth while just for the pocketability. I shall watch with interest to see if the price comes down.

  7. just as good as DSLR …….. 1″ sensor ….
    that’s like saying this new car is as good as a Lamborghini, and has a 1-liter engine ..

    that’s utterly ridiculous, DSLR are big because they have to be, it’s not rocket science :p

  8. Seriously Jeanette, what do you really know about photo?

    This device does NOT change you phone in to a SLR camera, not in any ways.

    It might increase the quality if it is better optics and sensor than on the iPhone 6 – but thats it. Theres a bigger ensor, better optics and better everything on a real camera.

    Paying 600 US dollars for this?? Never, never, never!! I`d rather buy a Canon S110 for the same money and WAY better photos!

    1. Oh, Howieboy, you got me! I should have said in the title that it turned your iOS device into the viewfinder and user interface for a DSLR, but I did say that in the body of my news post. But I guess you don’t know about literary hyperbole…

      The DxO One is the DSLR part of this setup. And the “SLR” designation indicates the camera has a particular lens and mirror arrangement and mechanism for viewing and photographing the scene; the d designation means the film has been replaced by a digital sensor. It doesn’t imply anything about the quality of the optics or sensor used.

      And my name is Janet, not Jeanette.

      1. What this do is MAYBE giving you better photos. But comparing this with a SLR is so wrong. Compare it with compact cameras and I wouldn`t say much more than it looks like an add for it and not a test..

  9. I’m going to jump in here because I’m tired of reading all the OMG this product is not a DSLR comments. I assume that Janet meant that this product would give your iPhone DSLR like resolution. It’s obvious that it’s not going to turn the phone into a DSLR with lens swapping features.

    I do agree that it’s crazy expensive. But I’d still like one for my Android phone. I reminds me of one of my favorite cameras ever, the tiny Sony CyberShot. http://the-gadgeteer.com/2003/04/07/sony_cyber_shot_dsc_u20_digital_camera_review/

    1. I actually don’t mind the crazy price if they made it for Android. I love the fact that it looks extremely portable. I know Sony makes a similar one that works over wireless connection but that one looks huge and bulky.
      I used to have the u20 as well. Love that tiny camera and the convenience of AAA batteries. Wish Sony made something like that again…with updated internals of course.

    2. This gadget will NOT give you the quality of an DSLR, it is not possible with such a small lens to provide enough light and details to be compared with a DSLR..no way..

      Compare it with what`s relevant, like a compact camera and I`ll shut it..

    1. Being a professional photographer for magazines, art and studio for more than 20 years (working my way up from amateur).. using all kinds of cameraes, from film to digitals..full format to compacts.. I feel confident when I state, this will NOT give you SLR quality. As Janet (…) wrote; “There are far more details and tech specs for the DxO ONE than I can list here, so you’ll need to go read more for yourself.” I`ll say the same thing, “..there are far to many reasons why this will NOT give you the SLR quality to list, so look it up yourself..”

      The whole article looks bought – even telling you how to pre-order it… It`s not even close to an objective article..

      By all means; If you only want to use your mobile phone camera, I`m sure this will improve the quality in many situations.. but it will NOT replace a compact zoom..or a SLR camera with a proper good lens…

      Personally I would spend that money on a good small compact, like the Canon S100, 110 or 120… slides down in your pocket, has got a ok zoom, all the manual features and rather good quality (for the size)…

      PS! Being in my kind of business make me read all kind of tests.. this article is really not a test..

      1. Of course it’s not a test! It’s a NEWS ITEM about a product that might be of interest to some people. If it were a review written after hands-on testing, it would have the word “review” in the title. It’s not a “bought” article, either. It is simply a NEWS post about a new product I read about while surfing the internet. It is not an endorsement nor an encouragement for anyone to buy this product.

        1. Janet, you have a Nikon D5100, you have not tested this product but you surely recommend it! (You can pre-order the DxO ONE now for $599 with shipping in September 2015. If you’d prefer, you can leave your email address at DxO Lab‘s website to be notified when the ONE is available.)

          Don`t give up your dayjob..

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