Capture your DSLR with a Capture Camera Clip System

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All photographers will agree that carrying a DSLR camera with a shoulder strap gets pretty annoying when your hand gets tangled up with the strap just when you want to snap a shot.  I first saw the Capture Camera Clip System on Kickstarter and it looked great.  The idea was simple.  Make a clip that can quickly attach and detach your DSLR with no need of any strap to get in the way.  The clip attaches to your belt or camera bag and you just slide in the Arca-Swiss tripod mount that’s attached to the camera’s tripod hole.  It’s priced at $79.99 direct and is a must have for all photographers.

11 thoughts on “Capture your DSLR with a Capture Camera Clip System”

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  2. The Capture has three advantages:

    The base plate is Arca-Swiss compatible without requiring an extra adapter. It is also thinner than the Spider plate + adapter.

    The Capture will attach to any belt OR STRAP up to three inches wide. I plan on using mine on my messenger bag strap.

    It is about half the price of the Spider system and is more versatile and higher capacity than the similarly priced Black Widow.

  3. I don’t know if the spider can do this, but the capture will also get an extension for attaching to hard objects like bikes or car windows.

  4. @Andreas: That guy is wild 😀

    @Jackie: Thank you for the post. I’d love to see more posts and reviews on DSLR gadgets.

  5. @Andreas – I do have the same strap and will do a comparison of the strap and the Capture when I get it to review.

    @Elias – Yes, we will be doing more DSLR gadget reviews in the future.

  6. I guess I’m old fashioned. The idea of not having some sort of strap when I’m running around taking photos, just scares me. I would be the one who would think I had snapped it into the holster, let go, then cry has my camera smashed to the floor because I missed or didn’t get the camera all the way in.

    I use and love the BlackRapid R-strap. It keeps the camera out of the way, but instantly accessible. If my camera gets bumped or bounced out of my hand, it only goes as far as the end of the strap.

    The product itself looks cool and well thought out. But I’ll stick to what I know… for now.

  7. I bought mine to use primarily with a Pentax K10D or Oly E-620. I normally use a wrist strap when I’m out with my cameras, but sometimes need both hands. With the Capture, I can snap the camera on my belt or bag strap and free up my hands.

    The Capture has a fairly positive feel and click when it locks in place and a quick tug will let you know it is locked in.

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