Panasonic X Micro Four Thirds Lens, Growing Pancake

Until recently I kept away from DSLRs, they were just to big for me to lug around and as such my last 4 cameras have been point and shoots.  This meant missing out on a lot of manual settings and flexibility , but better to have a camera with you rather than not having one because it’s too inconvenient to carry.  Recently however I bought a Panasonic G2 Micro Four Third kit.  I’ve found this a nice compromise with the smaller size. Normally I use the standard 14-42 so it’s not too big to lug around and most of my pics are around the 14-30 mark anyway. The 45-200 is only used for kids sports, dancing and plays, so don’t have to carry it all the time.

Panasonic has just released their X series lens for Micro Four Thirds.  As you can see from the picture above the 14-42 /F3.5-5.6  while set at 14mm looks almost like a pancake prime lense.  Hidden inside though is a fully electronically controlled zoom lens. At 26.8mm in length and weighing approximately 3.5oz ( 99 grams ), this makes their Four Third range ( like their new GF3 ) even more portable and perhaps more competitive against the crop of portable point and shoots.

Available for SRP of $399US from Panasonic

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